Football Play Designer: A Beginner’s Guide

For the uninitiated and those casual fans who watch and avidly follow soccer but don’t know much about playing, this is a great introduction to the sport. The site breaks down the rules of football, provides guides to scoring and defending, and other helpful tips that will give you an idea of what you need to do at home. It also guides you through the basics of how a team sets up before a match.

1. Defending

This site section is geared towards parents fed up with their kids playing too much soccer. These guides are designed to help you teach your child how to defend their goals during a game. There are also articles on other football topics, including what you should expect from your team to host a game, making your players more motivated, and top ten rules that will never change.

2. Playing and Scoring

This is the place where a football play designer will learn all there is to know about how to score or play a good goal. There are three areas of importance: how to play the game, score goals, and defend goals. From here, you will find guides on everything from forehand shots to long-shots. You will also find a section on goalkeepers, from teaching them their roles to the size of the goal they are allowed to play behind.

3. How To Play The Game

After you have learned all that there is to know about playing a good goal and scoring a goal, you can move on to your main area of interest here: “How To Play The Game.” This is a great section for those who have never played or want to learn all there is to know. There are articles on the game’s tactics, starting lines, set plays, and much more sprinkled throughout this section.

4. Tables and Sets

This area covers the basics of how to score a goal, from scoring from a drop-kicked shot down to shoulder-in shots. There is a section on the various header types and even a chart showing how to score from any given position on the pitch.

5. Rules

This area is probably one of the most important parts of the site, especially for newcomers to football. There are several articles here breaking down the rules of the game. From offside to fouls, this area has it all. There are even guides to how to officiate the game as well as the history of the game.

6. Set Pieces

Parents should teach their children how to play football, especially since they are on the pitch. However, it is equally important for parents on the sidelines of games or at home on Sundays during a special period on television. That’s where this section comes in. You will learn how to play with a back pass as well as set plays. These are useful for those who want to spend time watching football from the grassy knoll of their lawn chairs with a cold beer and, more so, for those who want to do so on a full-sized pitch.

7. Tournaments and Leagues

Sportsmanship is crucial in every sport, even when playing at the highest level. You will also be teaching your child how to play with the same level of skill that you will be playing yourself. This is why FIFA is so popular with most soccer players. Even though they may not understand the rules, they will know what is expected when playing. You can use the guides to learn how to play in tournaments, what gear to wear, and what to expect of your opponents.

8. How to Recognize the Goalkeeper

This is an essential part of any soccer game. It even has its section on this site detailing the different ways that soccer goalies maneuver and defend. You will also find a guide to explaining the gap between goalkeepers’ hands, which is also a vital thing to know.

9. Players

This is another critical section of the site. This area details what each player is expected to do on the pitch, from the goalie to the center midfielder, and what each role is expected to play. For example, you may be a striker or a keeper. You will also find guides on how many substitutes teams are allowed during a game and other things related to them.

10. Equipment

This section contains six separate articles, each one providing an in-depth look into clothing that will help you choose your players. You will even find how to dress for the weather conditions during the game. From warm-ups to shinguards, this area will equip you with everything that you need to ensure that your child plays in the best clothing possible.


This is one of those great resources for those who want to play soccer but have never played before. It also provides beginners with a good idea of what they should do at home and in a game. You will not only learn about the basics of football so you can show your children how to play, but you will also learn about the equipment and other things that will help you understand this sport better.


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