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Hire the best Front-End developers

Every website, every app and all other tools must function perfectly technically. But not only the technology plays an important role for success, usability and design are also important. So that users can find all functions, work effectively with software and all areas can be used intuitively, and the front-end must be developed by experts. For this reason, all software companies should hire front-end developers.

What is front-end development?

Front-end development is particularly relevant for websites, mobile apps or other software solutions. The presentation of the content is particularly critical in the area of ​​applications for small devices such as smartphones or tablets, because a lot of information must be clearly arranged in a small space. In addition, input must be reliable and intuitive so that users can enjoy using the functions.

Since the use of mobile devices has increased rapidly in recent years and continues to rise, front-end development has also become more and more important. For example, in some European countries like Germany, in average, 57 million people use a smartphone; worldwide, 66% of the population own a smartphone. All of these people want easy access to websites and use apps intuitively without prior guidance.

What does a front end developer do?

Nowadays, even specialized front-end programming experts need to have many skills. This includes knowledge of business administration, marketing and even legal aspects. But the core competencies remain unchanged.

So, the programmers in this area must above all create and improve the external presentation of tools, whether online or offline. Knowledge of the source code, design or general operation must be available. In addition, the front-end developers need to know dozens of frameworks, open source resources and other components in order to achieve efficient results.

  • HTML / CSS developer

The most important skills of a web front-end developer are the creation of HTML, the use of CSS and the programming of JavaScript. Furthermore, the programmers need to know about tools for version control, content management systems, WordPress and APIs. Important JavaScript frameworks that a developer needs to know include:

  1. React
  2. ReactJS
  3. Angular
  4. AngularJS
  5. Vue

The following is also particularly important for the CSS libraries:

  1. Bootstrap
  2. Material design CSS
  3. SASS
  4. LESS
  5. Stylus
  • CMS developer

In order for a website to be displayed perfectly on all devices, a so-called responsive design must be used. Users can only use the website or app efficiently with a well thought-out operating concept and a good design. In order to simplify this development step, programmers can also use CM systems.

WordPress: This CMS is free software that was originally intended for blogs. In the meantime, however, almost 30% of all websites use this system. By separating content, functions and design, websites can be changed quickly. With the help of plugins, additional functionalities can be added quickly and easily.

Typo3: This CMS is widespread in German-speaking countries. Firms and companies in particular benefit from experts with extensive knowledge. In this way, e-commerce shops can be implemented perfectly. Since the platform is constantly being developed, pages always stay on the cutting edge of technology. Read more about the Typo3 developers, said Anna L. from Essay on Time and essay help uk.

Front-end developers should also be familiar with the second largest CMS and at least master the basic functions. After the expert has set up such a system, even inexperienced users can easily change the content. Another great advantage is that many functions are already available in the basic installation. This means that the subsequent installation of plugins is no longer necessary, which increases compatibility.

After the actual editing of a project is finished, the developer has to test the finished software. For quality assurance to work well, programmers need to know terms such as black box test, white box test, and beta test and be able to explain the differences. For this purpose, the source code must also be clearly laid out and extensive documentation must be prepared.


The front-end development is a rather complex process and the front-end designers have to meet many requirements.

  • What are the requirements for front-end developers?

In general, software developers should have a good understanding of technology and good IT skills. A degree in computer science or a comparable subject in the IT area is particularly suitable. Knowledge of digital image processing, the creation of graphics and knowledge of user behavior are particularly important for the development of the front end.

  • Typical tasks in front-end programming

According to RushEssay, mainly, a front-end developer will deal with the development and optimization of web applications. That is why most of the job postings are web front-end developers. Web-based applications are mostly used for this. Below you will find some examples of tasks of a front-end developer.

An important task of a front-end developer is the development of a website for all common web browsers. The focus is on appearance, design and ease of use. In addition, depending on the customer, an existing website must also be optimized. For this purpose, an analysis should first take place so that the usability can then be improved. In addition, the page should look more appealing after the work is done.

If it is not a website, then front-end developers create the user interface of software applications or mobile apps. As with websites, an existing application can also be optimized.

It is also important to develop interfaces that are available to the back-end developer. Together with colleagues from the team, the transfer of data between the front-end and back-end must always work smoothly.

The error analysis of user interfaces is also carried out by a front-end developer. If there are errors when typing or if many users avoid the website, then frontend development experts can solve the error.

It can be seen that it is mainly the visual representation of applications that has to be programmed. However, the technical side must not be neglected either, as this is the only way to create user-friendly software solutions.

What is the difference between front-end and back-end?

The backend is the core of the application or website. The developers for this area create the calculations, manage data and are responsible for the correct transfer of information. On the other hand, the front-end developer is more concerned with the presentation for the user. But the input of data and the transfer to the back-end are important tasks of front-end developers. An example can help you see the difference.

On a website, the content, I mean what users see, is the front-end. HTML, CSS and JavaScript play an important role here. In the back-end, all calculations and processes are carried out in the background. The programming languages ​​PHP and SQL are important here. If, for example, a form is displayed on the page, the input field is defined by HTML, CSS determines the color, font and position and the information is sent to the server using PHP. There the information is written into the database with the help of SQL.

How can you tell if a candidate is the right person for you?

During a critical selection process, you can already see whether a candidate is qualified, motivated and has the right attitude and commitment to a project. However, this doesn’t always mean that the candidate is the right person and that you can hire a front-end developer immediately. Finding the right candidate also depends on how detailed you can define the scope of the project.

The details and complexity of the project will determine whether the candidate has exactly the skills that suit your needs. Finding great talent is not an easy task.

Asking the right questions is another key factor in determining if the candidate is the right choice. They should be able to understand complex terms, share and describe their ideas, have significant skills and experience, but most importantly, share the same vision and goals with you.

The ideal mindset for a hire of a front-end developer should be his proficient experience in coding and specializing in UI / UX design.


A great front-end developer not only has the right skills, attitudes, and dedication, but they also make sure they acquire the necessary knowledge in the field to make the project a success. Passionate candidates have confidence in what they do. Having such front-end developers on your team is luck. They will help attract more customers and ensure your company’s success in the industry. So, good luck and I wish you to hire front-end developers of your dreams!

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