How Do I Choose the Best Phone System My Business?    

Americans send approximately 150 million texts a day to business landlines that aren’t text enabled. If you haven’t thought about adding texting as a feature to your phone system, you are surely missing out on business.

That is just one of the many things you should consider when choosing the best phone system for your company.

How you communicate with your customers is the most critical part of any business. Your phone system should reflect that.

Read our guide below to learn how to choose a business phone system that will work for you.

Virtual Phone Systems

A virtual commercial phone system routes calls through a business’s main number to off-site workers.

Instead of a secretary forwarding a call to a person’s desk, it is instead forwarded to their mobile device. This allows remote workers to take calls no matter where they are located, which is a huge plus for small and big companies alike.

Along with this, it allows companies to look more professional and be more available for customer service. Because employees are using their mobile devices, they have access to more features than they would with a regular office phone.

However, it’s important to note that virtual phone systems are not full-fledged systems, so they do rely on your internet connection.

Landline Phone Systems

Landline phone systems are traditional phone systems that were once seen in every company’s office. They are analog systems usually supported by a local or regional telephone company.

These are also known as public switched telephone networks (PSTN), as they operate by way of the telephone company’s copper wiring.

Landline systems require a private box exchange (PBX) to be installed, which allows you to add various extensions, auto dialing software, and other features.

While these types of phones and this type of system are very reliable and durable, fewer and fewer companies are making them. Because of this, it will soon be challenging to find them and find someone to make repairs when needed.

VoIP Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the most common type of business phone system used today. This runs on the internet and data you already use, and it allows you all the features of a PBX system without needing to install one on-site.

This is an excellent option for a small business owner that wants their remote workers to have access to their phone calls. It is best for those that already live in an area with a solid internet connection.

Consider These Factors When Choosing the Best Phone System for Your Business

When it comes to business ownership, you must consider all the little details. Finding the best phone system for your company matters more than you may think, which is why taking the time to do the research is highly recommended.

Compare your different options, features, and prices to find the perfect system for you.

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