How Important Are Land-Based Casinos for Digital Gaming Growth in the US?

People might argue that land-based casinos are no longer necessary as they can gamble and place bets online. Some do not intend to visit a brick-and-mortar casino anytime soon. However, experts argue the opposite, saying that land-based casinos are now more important than ever and have a vital role to play in continuing America’s digital gaming growth.


Many online casino players choose their service provider based on an experience at a land-based casino. Most of the online operators have brick-and-mortar facilities, spending years building up a loyal customer base. Therefore, they would not be doing their brand reputations any good by shutting down their physical operations. Instead, they encourage players to engage with casino games for real money at their premises and online.

Operators rely on patrons associating a great visitor experience with their land-based operations, encouraging them to use the same provider online. The atmosphere and ambiance created in a physical casino translate to be the equivalent of an online casino in a consumer’s mind. This brand trust should not be underestimated as people display it in all their purchasing decisions, even when trading in stocks and bonds.


While many people like gambling online, they admit that nothing can replace the real thing and still want to visit brick-and-mortar casinos. As part of the recovery of the US economy in 2021, operators are opening their doors, rehiring staff, and trying to return to a pre-pandemic sense of normalcy as much as is possible in unusual conditions.

The best way to compare running land-based and online operations is that each forms part of a delicate ecosystem and they have a symbiotic relationship. Each needs the other to survive in a cutthroat, competitive industry. Consumers need a visit to a brick-and-mortar casino to recharge their perception of the brand and translate that into their online gambling habits.


It would be unwise not to capitalize on all retail selling channels to reach the broadest possible consumer base. The entertainment industry suffered greatly due to Covid, and its recovery is imperative. Operating multiple revenue streams will accomplish this goal rapidly, allowing employers to create new jobs and sustain their employees’ families.


Despite evidence to the contrary, many skeptics are unsure about gambling and placing sports bets online. They worry that this digital platform gives the casino and sportsbook operator an unfair edge, making it easier to rig games and wagers in the house’s favor. It will take time to persuade them otherwise and ensure they understand that their experience will remain unchanged whether they play in-person or online. The only way to accomplish this is to offer them both options, hoping they will embrace each.

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