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How Online Shopping Changed the Game for Businesses and Consumers

Shopping has been a radical human activity since ancient times. As technology evolves, so does consumers’ ability to buy things from retailers. We used to buy things that are only available in our local markets. But with the internet, we can now buy anything we want from different countries around the world.

What’s great about online shopping is that consumers can shop in their homes. Anyone can shop almost anytime, anywhere, as long as they have their mobile phones in their hands. Thanks to several shopping companies, the shopping experience has evolved over the years. Listed below are the different ways online shopping has changed the game for consumers and businesses alike.

Before anything else, let us first check out the statistics of online shopping in 2019.

  • E-commerce covers about 10% of all U.S. retails in 2018.
  • Data shows that 25% of adults in the U.S. are avid online shoppers.
  • According to online shop patriots, the price was the most crucial factor in buying things.
  • Online retail sales are overgrowing since 2014 and could grow even more in the years to come.
  • As the demands grow higher, other platforms related to online shopping have also emerged. This includes reverse logistics or RMA management, parcel insurance, and international shipping solutions.


Most people think that the process of buying things begins when you finally decide to buy an item. Then, the consumers will start to conclude that they’re going to spend money.   But what most consumers don’t realize is that the buying process has begun long before they even make a conscious decision to buy. How does that happen? It’s simple, advertising.

Advertising is an old concept. But the way its forms have changed over time. Advertising may take different forms. It’s on TV, billboards, magazines, and many more. Due to the internet, many of us are surrounded by advertisements every minute we spend online. And the most intriguing part about it- most people are not aware.

Establishing a Bias

If you are a consumer, you might think that straight to the point and personalized ads help in introducing you to products you need. These ads also help small companies to reach their target customers. Yet, some people think that personalized ads aren’t helpful. Why? Because they only showcase the more prominent companies, giving the consumers less opportunity to see other options.

For instance, you wanted to buy a new phone. To start searching, you would check out bigger brands like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei before looking into less popular brands. Online searching is now the first step in the buying process of consumers. Thanks to advertising, their knowledge of product options is limited to what they often see in their social media accounts.

Online Research

Back in the old days, when consumers want to know about a particular product, they will have to go to the shop that sells it. But as mentioned, things have changed. With one click, buyers can now search for all the information they need about a specific item. One of the many effects of online research on the shopping experience is the lack of advice from a salesperson. While the information online may be factual, a salesperson can present the product in the best light. Thus, increasing the chance of having more sales.

But businesses should not worry too much. On a positive note, the idea of third-party reviews started to emerge. It allows consumers to leave honest and unbiased reviews about the products they bought.

Reviews help businesses gain more buyers because most consumers made it a habit to read them before buying. It’s a win-win situation. The reviews may attract more consumers and inform interested buyers if buying the product is worth the money.

Less Time Spent in Stores

Businesses and consumers would agree people spend less time in retail stores nowadays. As mentioned earlier, going to retail shops isn’t the go-to place for most buyers anymore. Thanks to the internet.

Many buyers prefer to shop online to avoid crowded places, traffic, and the need to go out of their homes. So buying online is the most practical way for them to get what they need. But some still prefer to shop from stores to try on products before buying.

Generally, the internet has caused revolutionary changes in our lives. Because of it, people these days communicate, learn, work, and of course, shop differently. You are most likely aware of this already. But hopefully, this article opened up your eyes even more about how the internet has infiltrated every aspect of the shopping experience. It affected how we decide to buy a product up to the actual process of purchasing it.

Meta title: The Impact of Modern Technology on Consumer Behaviors
meta desc: Online shopping has drastically changed how people shop for the things they need. Consumers used to go to malls and retail shops to buy. But as technology progress, buyers can now buy anything they want in the comfort of their homes. How did that happen? Let’s find out.

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