How to Gain Instagram Likes

Remember when Instagram likes were hidden? Back then, brands and influencers struggled to understand the intricacies of the algorithm. Likes have been back for a while now, however, and they still matter.

Knowing how to gain Instagram likes means getting the algorithm to work for you. If you can show the platform that you produce quality content that encourages engagement, your posts will be boosted above others. Doing this successfully, however, can seem like an elusive magic trick.

To read some practical advice on gaining Instagram likes, check out the tips below.

Gain Instagram Likes with Contests

There’s nothing like a traditional IG likes contest to get your likes up. The premise is simple — challenge Instagram users to get your post to a certain number of likes before granting them a reward. This strategy is practically in the beginner’s guide to influencer marketing.

These contests usually involve users liking, sharing, and tagging friends on a post. Later, the brand randomly selects one of these users to win free products.

Use Relevant Memes and Trends

If your brand has the right audience, referencing hot memes and trends is a guaranteed way to get free Instagram likes. That audience should be of an age that understands memes and pop culture.

Don’t: Turn your page into a meme page.

Do: Use a smattering of memes to share humor and reflect a shared worldview with your audience.

Research Hashtags

Hashtags are an often misunderstood way to get likes on Instagram. For example, some users will spam their captions with hashtags in every other word. This strategy is annoying and not the best way to gain IG likes Click here to buy.

Instead, consider creating a unique hashtag for your brand. You can also use industry hashtags to engage with others in your field. Ideally, keep your hashtag use below three per caption.

Share Your Location

Before you post, make sure to tag the location for it. Geotagging can attract the attention of locals who didn’t know your brand existed.

If you want to geotag the brick-and-mortar location of your business, you can add a new location to Facebook. Afterward, it will also be available on Instagram.

Write Engaging Captions

Who reads the captions? Surprisingly, they do matter. Since IG users now have the option to hide their like count on posts, captions matter more than ever.

Try to work a ‘call to action’ into your finely crafted Instagram captions. Ideally, this will encourage Instagram users who view your post to engage with it by commenting — or at the very least, liking it.

Growth Takes Time

After implementing the strategies above, remember that it takes consistency over time to gain Instagram likes. Make sure to keep an eye on other platforms, like Facebook and TikTok, to see what memes and trends are driving the most engagement. You can check out other brands for inspiration as well.

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