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How to Get More Business Selling Solar

The rise in solar photovoltaic systems installations is very remarkable. Despite this remarkable growth, this industry hasn’t even gotten to half of its potential. For instance, in the United States, PV systems make up lesser than 0.1 percent of the country’s energy production.

For this industry to make major contributions toward job creation and reducing the emission of greenhouse gas, more PV systems have to be sold and installed. Read this post to find out what greenhouse gas means.

This means that solar companies have to boost their sales and install more systems across the country. The big question now is how to achieve this.

Well, we are here to help you out with that. In this article, we will discuss methods your solar business can implement to drive up sales.

1. Business Listing and Yellow Pages

If you don’t have a profile on platforms like Google My Business, and Google Maps, then it’s about them you get one. List your solar business on local trade portals and yellow pages. If you have a profile, then you need to ensure that your presence on these platforms is rich. Keep updating your profile with contact details, testimonials, and photos.

Doing this will make it a lot easier for prospective clients to find and contact you.

2. Email Marketing

This is a relatively cost-effective way of getting new leads. Despite how beneficial this marketing method is, it’s not used quite as much as it should be used in this industry.

You could make your email marketing campaign more effective by using a cold email marketing tool. Doing this will help you reach more prospective clients.

3. Generate Leads Offline

With the way the world now works, online marketing is the go-to for most businesses. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t generate leads offline.

One way to generate leads offline is by partnering with contractors in your locality. You can also try door-to-door marketing.

4. Google Ads

You can use geographic targeted Google Ads to reach potential clients within your area. These ads will also help you reach people that are specifically looking for solar panel system services or other solutions relating to them. Check here to learn more about Google Ads.

Generate Leads Offline

5. Do Not Delay Proposals

Sometimes, gathering the leads isn’t the issue but turning generated leads into sales can be problematic. Sometimes, sales are not closed because you delayed in giving the clients the proposal. The solar business is quite competitive and any delay (no matter how small) can be very bad.

Most homeowners even request proposals from different companies at a time. If you don’t send in your proposal on time, another company can seal the deal by the time you finally show up.

This is why you need to invest in tools that will help you to do better. Solar software can help you remotely inspect the site without a team even going to the site. It can also help you generate a proposal in record time.

6. Social Media Platforms

You can use your social media platforms to reach potential clients. You could generate B2B leads from social media platforms like LinkedIn. Other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be used to target potential clients around you, and those interested in renewable energy.

For this method to work, your social media presence has to be felt. You have to regularly post on these platforms. You can employ a content creator that will post creative content relating to the solar business on your post.

7. Carefully Screen Leads

The process involved in solar sales requires effort like commercial discussions, preliminary engineering, site surveys, and so on. Investing all these efforts when the lead is merely interested in just one of them is not just a waste of resources but also a waste of valuable time.

Hence, you have to always review your leads and know what they want before you add them to your sales funnel. Check Solargraf for more information on how to get more sales for your solar business.


Generating leads and closing sales for any business isn’t always easy. Closing sales in a competitive market like the solar market is even more challenging. However, with the right methods like those discussed in this article, you can significantly increase your sales.

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