How to Get up Easy in the Morning: Simple Tips and Helpful Gadgets

If you enjoy long evenings that often last into the night, getting up in the morning can be quite difficult. However, smart devices, gadgets and sleep regimes can help.

6 Tips: How to Wake up Energized

Make a Schedule

Usually on weekends, we try to make up for the sleepless hours on weekdays. However, sleeping till full will only hurt your regimen. Set a time when you will get up on the weekends.

No Phone in the Evening

Do not use the phone before going to bed, otherwise you can lie in bed for hours until you can not relax.

That’s why even if you are eager to look for the most profitable 22Bet odds an hour before bed, it’s better to postpone it for the morning. Otherwise, it’ll be harder to fall asleep.

Don’t Eat Late at Night

Eating late at night makes it harder for your stomach to function and make it harder to fall asleep, and you won’t feel rested in the morning.


Create a morning and evening routine. Maybe when you wake up in the morning, you want to have a cup of tea and read a book for 10 minutes, or maybe exercise, meditate, or take a contrasting shower. An evening ritual could be a bath, the scent of lavender, soothing, relaxing music, or a bed with a cooling compress.

Take Your Time Getting out of Bed

Lie down for at least 5 minutes, waking up is already stressful for the body that has just been immersed in sleep, so allow yourself some time to recover.

Plan Your Morning

Prepare everything you need in the evening. In the morning rush, we feel tired not only because we’re up early, but also because we don’t get anything done. Prepare for tomorrow, put a cup by the kettle, set the exact time you need to leave the house.

Smart Devices for Easy Awakening

Aroma Diffuser

While it won’t wake you up, an invigorating scent is a great way to start the day. Aroma diffuser is usually associated with relaxation, rest and sleep, but replacing lavender, bergamot or verbena essential oil with lemon, rosemary, mint, basil, pure patchouli, juniper berries or ylang-ylang flower oil will have the opposite effect. The house will be filled with a delightful aroma and give us the energy we need in the morning.

Smart Light Bulbs

Turn the lights in your bedroom on and off with your phone or make an exact schedule for them to work. Most smart light bulbs have a feature that turns them on at the time you set, the bulb mimics the color of a natural sunrise, so the brightness will increase slowly, over a few minutes.

Radio Alarm Clock

A great choice for music lovers. Choose your favorite radio station on the radio or one of the existing alarms and wake up to music. Smart devices with light therapy can now be found on sale as well. Like smart bulbs, the radio will turn on a dim light just before you should start waking up.


Wearing a smartwatch at night will help you learn more about your sleep phases and, by assessing your sleep quality, determine when it’s best for you to go to bed and when to get up. Second, all such watches have an alarm clock function. Instead of a beep that wakes you up very quickly and stresses your body, you will start to feel a slight vibration on your wrist that will gradually increase in intensity if you don’t turn it off.


As with your watch, you can select a beep and vibration mode on your cell phone. To improve your sleep, download one of these apps:

  • It’s an alarm clock with no snooze feature, so you won’t be able to fall asleep for another 15 minutes. It also doesn’t have a power button. You can do it in three ways – by shaking your phone, solving a math problem, or taking a picture of a place in the house that you’ve registered.
  • Snap me up. To turn off this alarm, you’ll have to take a selfie. Pretty interesting app if you like to take pictures, because from now on you will have an “After Sleep” photo gallery.
  • Walk me up. To turn off such an alarm clock, you will have to get up and walk 15 steps. To cheat the gadget by simply shaking the phone definitely will not work.

Sleep is especially important in our lives, our daily productivity depends on it. If after a night you feel more tired than before bedtime, it’s time to change something. Control your sleep by using apps, go to bed early, start exercising or try relaxing exercises. Find a way to control your sleep patterns that works for you.

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