How to Improve Online Classes & Make it more Interactive?

The pandemic situation spreads anxiety in the air, which raises anger, disappointment affects our mental health. The students who are in college and parents think that their investment in studies is plans are getting hindered. To overcome this situation online classes approach is the best suitable option. We need to make the online classes interactive and engaging so students take an interest in them. This article mentions some simple steps that can easily make online classes more interactive than usual.

1)Build Understanding between Teachers and Students

You can conduct a student survey and share your opinion with students about the students with it. Ask them to correct the wrong answer and then introduce themselves to you and the whole class.

Keep this survey anonymous as it will help the students interact with you, and they will come out with new thoughts that can help make revolutionary changes in online classes. Through these surveys, you will get to know about their weak and strong points and quickly help them overcome the problem they face with the lessons.

2)Encourage Your Students & Motivate Them

Students need encouragement from time to time, along with practical and creative learning methods. The single way to motivate your student is by guiding them to grasp the concept in different ways. You can also provide extra classes to students who require more time to learn or give them class recordings to revise them and clear their doubts quickly without any hesitation. Help your students perform efficiently without any fear, and it will motivate them to learn the lesson and ask their doubts quickly.

3)Try to Keep Your Student Focused

In online classes, students don’t pay equal attention as in regular classrooms, which leads to students’ failure. You must try that students interact and remain focus throughout the online session. Students get distracted by their surroundings in online classes, making it difficult for them to be attentive. So the teacher must create such a structure that doesn’t allow students to deviate their minds in multiple dimensions at once.

For example:

  1. Follow a regular schedule, do some fun activities and quizzes to maintain the competitive environment in the classroom.
  2. Remind students about the deadlines of tests, exams, assignments, and more.
  3. Help your students and ask questions in between to keep students engage throughout.

4) Create a Friendly Environment as Like Offline Classes

You can let students be familiar with other students in the same class. Distribute the classes in small batches and make the group of students participate in different learning activities. It will help bring a sense of community in the classroom and allow students to exchange knowledge and experience making friends. Be available for students for 15-30 minutes before and after every class session, and it will help students reach you with their doubts and feedback. All these are discussed in the maxims of teaching.

5) Make Your discussions Worthy for Students

Whether it’s a doubt clearing session or a student’s progress analysis, you must make it meaningful and worthy for students. Teachers can conduct these discussions using any medium such as audio, video text, or over-app discussion forums. If you are conducting a doubt clearing session comes with a unique approach that allows students to grasp the concept quickly.

6) Engage and Interact With Students

You need to consider student point of view and know about the problem they are facing. It is required to keep proper track of students’ interests. You don’t only have to teach the lesson but also help your students to understand them easily. You can do it by asking few questions and interacting with the doubts they are raising.

Final Words

These are few methods that can help teachers make their online classes more interactive and keep them focused throughout the session. We suggest you follow these steps if you are teaching with the help of online platforms like teachmint. These methods will help you to build better relationships with students and guide them on the road towards success.

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