How to Register Intellectual Property in the UAE

Regulatory Costs of registering intellectual property will vary depending on the country where an application is filed. In addition to that, it depends on the invention’s complexity as well. The lawyer in Ajman help you recognize the true value of the intellectual property and prepare you to invest in securing ownership.

They have expertise and skills through which they can help you the best. Moreover, they have best strategies planned for you. This can save both your time and money.

Ways to Acquire Intellectual Property Rights

Below are some common costs known to acquire the rights of intellectual property. It is important to pay them once you want to register an intellectual property in the UAE. Make sure you know this beforehand before applying for the intellectual property.

  • Application Cost

An application cost is payable when filing for registration of intellectual property. Different fees will be charged for the different intellectual property depending upon the nature of the intellectual property. Moreover, it depends on the location that the user wants to register.

  • Cost of Maintenance

The governing authorities of intellectual property may require the applicant to file an intent to use a statement. A Statement of Use is simply a declaration from the applicant that they have started using their intellectual property for commercial use. The authorities charge as per the class of goods/services for filing the Statement of Use.

Once the intellectual property is registered by the lawyers in Dubai, the owner has to file a declaration for the continued use of the intellectual property.

  • Renewal Cost

The renewal fees must be paid on time in the country where the intellectual property right is effective. Any default in the payment results in the loss of the IP right. The owner is responsible for maintaining and tracking the usage of their intellectual property and paying the appropriate periodic government renewal fees.

Final Remarks

Therefore, once you decide to avail of intellectual property rights, you need to understand the various costs. The lawyers in Dubai can help you in understanding its value and the information required. They are available for you all over the UAE including, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi.

They have credible expertise and vast knowledge that can help you in all the legal matters. They are efficient and reliable in all these services. This can be really helpful for you if you are living in the UAE.


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