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How to Sell a Car With a Loan

A report from last month shows that total loans in the USA amount to $11,073.22 billion. So if you are stuck with a loan that you can’t repay, you are not alone. Luckily, you may still have some assets to help you clear the debt.

It’s wise to first dispose of items that depreciate, like cars. However, the process can be tricky due to the state of ownership.

If you are wondering how to sell a car with a loan, you’ve come to the right page. We’ll take you through all you need to know about selling a car with a loan.

Due Diligence

No matter how desperate you are to get quick funds, never forget to conduct your due diligence. You must gather critical information before putting your car up for sale.

You can use a vehicle valuation site to determine how much your car is worth. You’ll see your potential clients once you have entered the make, year, model, and zip code.

The next thing you need to figure out is the payoff amount. For an easier time, contact your lender to ask how much you owe them. The total amount should include the loan balance plus any interest.

You have positive equity if the car’s value is greater than the payoff amount. Otherwise, you have negative equity.

Selling With Positive Equity

With positive equity, you walk away with some cash that you can use to sort out your financial woes. If you can opt to repay the debt first, you’ll gain full ownership of the vehicle.

The title will help you access more funds. You can click here to learn where you can get title loans.

Selling With Negative Equity

Selling a car of less value than the loan is tragic but not unique. You could cover the balance with your savings.

If you don’t have the lump sum amount, you can talk to your lender. Ask them whether you can cover the difference in installments.

Your other option is to have a private sale. The more you can convince the buyer to pay, the more negative equity you can clear.

Selling to a private buyer fetches more than working with credit institutions. If you’re willing to sell it at a lower price, you can sell it to the dealer at a wholesale price.

Clearing the Loan Before Selling

Some financial institutions are adamant about having the payoff cleared before the sale. You could refinance the loan. But be careful not to push the maturity date too far, or you’ll have more interest to pay.

Besides, you could consider getting a personal loan to clear the car loan. Consider asking friends for soft loans that have little or no interest.

How to Sell a Car With a Loan

With the guide above on how to sell a car with a loan, we trust that you’ll follow the right channels. The most critical information is your car’s market value and the payoff amount.

From then, you’ll figure out whether you’re in positive or negative equity. In the latter case, talk to your lender about how you can cover the difference.

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