If you are asked what to do and what not to do while traveling with your extended family and friends then there are two answers to that question. One is the time-tested approach of not worrying about the other person and concentrating on your own journey. The other is more a matter of mindset but it can be accomplished. Find the perfect place to travel with your Friends at Vacations Made Easy.


People make assumptions about people living far away from them and this assumption is usually wrong. When we travel, we make assumptions too about our fellow travelers. Some people believe that the people who travel long distances are extraordinary because they are the most backward in culture. Some people also think that those who travel long distances have poor health and no sense of adventure. These assumptions are very much false.

On the contrary, people who love adventure, they are outgoing, they always want to try something new, they are great storytellers, they always find something beautiful to be written about them and they make the best companions. They are the type who do not mind being in secluded places for a long period of time just to soak up the sun or take a nap. They have a healthy lifestyle and are well nourished. They are easy going, easy to please and are not demanding at all. So, if asked how to behave or survive while travelling with family and friends then just follow these simple steps and you will get some great results. Try these tips out and see how you fare:

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Ways To Survive Travelling With Friends

Be Sociable: Being sociable means opening yourself to your friends. Try to join clubs, organizations, churches, community centers or any social gathering that you belong to regularly. Do not turn down invitations to parties or other gatherings because these will surely make communications between you and your friends better. When you are invited to friends’ houses, treat them well and show your hospitality. This way, you can easily make friends.

Don’t Be Jealous: Jealousy is your worst enemy when you are traveling. This will make you feel even more isolated and miserable. Always remember that you have so many people with whom you can easily make new friendships. If you are jealous, you will never be able to make new acquaintances and this can only make things worse.

Ways To Survive Travelling With Friends

Share Your Chores While Travelling: While you are travelling with your friends make sure you share everything, be it your hotel closets or the daily basic chores. If you are sharing a room with your friends, try to share the little things like the closet with them. The closets and dressers are added in the rooms so that you can keep your belongings and are mostly of the size 37” W x 10” L x 12.75” H. This size is enough to accommodate the belongings of two people.

Don’t Let Bad Happen To Good: The last thing you need is to be worried about what other people may think of you when you are away from them. Keep in mind that people can say and do many negative things towards you but there are some good people who would appreciate your efforts in making friends in distant lands. There are many negative people who would judge you and this can only make things worse for you. So, be patient and try to understand the mentality of people you meet while you travel.

Always Do Your Chores By Yourself: Whenever you are travelling, make sure that you do all your chores by yourself and don’t depend on your friend. If you are sleeping together, then you must organize your bedroom in the morning if you wake up late. If you keep things messy for your friend then this may irritate him or her.

Never Get Angry OR Frustrated With Your Travelling Partner:  Do not get frustrated with friends while travelling. It might happen that you do not approve of any sort of idea suggested by your friend. Instead of contradicting them directly, try to make them understand things calmly. Fighting and arguing with them at unknown places can only lead to your chances of falling in danger.

Spend Some Time With Them: You might have known your travel partner for a long time, but you need to make some time and spend some time with them. They might be going through a difficult phase or maybe they need someone to listen to them. Be patient with them and try to provide solutions to their worries if possible. You might even have something to discuss with them or need someone close to talk to. This is the right time. Try making your bonding strong and make this trip worth remembering.

Spend Some Time With Them

Talk About Things That Interests You: There are chances that you and your friend share the same passion and hobby. If that is so then, this is a great time to know more about each other and discuss things that interest you. You can talk about your personal experiences and you can also learn things from each other. Not only this, you can discuss food as well. Who does not like food? This is a topic that is loved by almost everyone. You can discuss different types of foods, cuisines etc. Talking about food also reveals one’s personality. You will have an idea of the personality of the person you are travelling with.

Share Your Budget: While travelling, always divide every expense among yourselves – from booking the best hotel to meal and hygiene accessory expenses.This creates less burden one one person. This also increases confidence and trust and may be on the same trip you would be planning your next few tricks. Sharing expenses while travelling is a sign of a good travel companion. This also strengthens the bonding between you.


Never forget that at the end of the day, you are traveling for fun and to bring some happy memories home. You don’t want to remember sad episodes of your travels do you? So, follow these simple tips and be a happy and reliable travel companion.

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