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How to Use Animation Videos in Corporate Training?

Training is an important part of any corporate organization. It is fundamental to the operational efficiency and optimal productivity of a business. Be it an entry-level position or even if a candidate has a lot of experience, on-the-job training is essential and cannot be ignored.

That being said, organizations have come a long way from the traditional training methods. In today’s time, a lot of innovative measures are being taken by businesses to make the most of the training session and ensure that employees’ true potentials are unleashed.

That being said, videos have turned out to be a great training tool when it comes to efficient and effective corporate training. Videos are not just popular for video marketing of an organization. It is being increasingly used in different ways by different corporate organizations.

From screencast videos to animated business videos, organizations are employing state-of-the-art techniques to best train their employees. According to Forrester Research, tech-savvy employees in modern times are 75% more inclined to watch a video than reading emails, documents, or web articles.

How Animation Videos Can Be Perfect For Corporate Training?

While there are different kinds of videos, animation videos have turned out to be preferable and effective in the field of corporate training. Screencast videos have also been used but these video productions require a lot of time and effort along with expertise and experience.

Animated business videos on the other hand are much more simple, time-efficient and in fact, are much more effective when it comes to corporate training. Let us take a look at how animation videos can be perfect for corporate training.

  • It has a wide outreach and can be effective for various fields like marketing, journalism, education, awareness, business, sales, and corporate training.
  • Animation videos are highly engaging.
  • It helps the audience to connect emotionally with the material of the video.
  • Animated business videos, if made appropriately can easily and effortlessly convey the concept.
  • Animation videos offer great ease of applicability.
  • Such videos are generally informative, entertaining as well as educational.
  • The most important part is that these videos are long remembered by the audience. Studies suggest that 40-50% of the training video content is forgotten by employees within a week! This means that any organization needs to use something impactful and memorable when it comes to corporate training.

Best Ways To Make Use of Animation Videos in Corporate Training

Infusing the corporate training process with animated videos has been proven to be a successful strategy that has effectively enhanced productivity and efficiency within an organization.

From onboarding training, tool training, to skills training, sales training videos as well as other occupational skills videos, animation videos have turned out to be really convenient for the HR department of organizations across the world.

Animations can be helpful in diversifying training methods and making it more interesting for the new hires’ training. While the videos may differ in style and visuals based on the organization’s identity, culture, and trainers’ preferences, there are a few common and significant applications of animation in corporate training. Let us take a look at them.

  • HR policies training
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Workplace Health and safety training
  • Data security and protection training
  • Leadership and management training
  • Technical skill training

A lot of organizations are using animated business videos for corporate training. It has been found to be effective and useful and has naturally become quite popular. For making such videos, hiring an experienced animation video production company can ensure the best results. animation video production company can ensure the best results.

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