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How To Use Digital Marketing Strategies To Optimize External Linking?

Link building is an essential digital marketing strategy. Regardless of Google Algorithm updates, links are always considered the Top factors when ranking pages. However, link building can be challenging as you have to find some creative ways to impress other sites by linking to your site. It is more like art at times. Most SEO specialists agree that link building is one of the most challenging digital marketing services.

There are two types of links that should be part of an SEO strategy: internal & external. Internal links lead from one page of your website to another. External links take visitors to another website for additional information. These links can be divided into two categories: external links and backlinks. The difference between the two is the point of origin. External links are when you link to another website on your site, and a backlink is when your website is linked to another website.

Both internal and external are important, but external linking requires more discretions, and the benefits are worth the extra work. This blog will discuss three external linking strategies that can transform your marketing approach to boost credibility, visibility, and new business.

Create A Content Strategy:

Reliable content helps boost brand credibility. Though there is no direct impact of quality content development on your Google search ranking, certain ripple effects exist. To kick-start your content strategy, you will need to determine what content can actually help your brand. Follow your ideal customer backward. For example, why are they visiting your website? How often do they visit? What are they looking to learn? The answers to all such questions will help you create engaging content that will keep visitors coming back for more.

Choose External Links Keeping Google In Mind:

Not all external links are created equal; therefore, it becomes essential to establish a standard for external links. Low-quality external links from spammy sites or pages that don’t exist can upset your website visitors and limit the content’s potential to rank with Google. Google aims to provide a good user experience to people who visit this platform as it wishes to keep users within its ecosystem.  For example, Google gives weightage to quality when it crawls the internet for content and results. Which depends heavily on “page experience” and “core web vitals.” Choose only those external links to include in your content with excellent website traffic, relevance, and up-to-date information.

Gain Quality Backlinks:

A backlink is an external link on someone else’s website that leads to your website. This is the link that you gain due to the high-quality content you have created. When Google crawls and notices that a particular site is being linked to frequently, it considers that website a reputable source of information, prioritizing the page and sending even more users to it through SERPs.

If you are not from a marketing background, understanding the complex process of linking and backlinking is difficult. An SEO agency Toronto can help you get those links for your business and reap all the internal and external linking benefits.

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