Is it smart to invest in cryptocurrencies in India?

The prediction that the rage surrounding cryptos would die down has been proven wrong, since, clearly, it is 2022 and we are still talking about cryptocurrencies and are looking for several ways and newer techniques to invest in them. For the safe players, cryptocurrencies have always been a bit of a risky ordeal as it involves significant amounts of uncertainty and can also result in losses. However, if you are someone who is okay with a high-risk gamble that may or may not pay off, there could be nothing better than investing in cryptocurrencies.

Any crypto blog online will talk about the caution and safety measures that might be required before you go all-in. The prices of multiple cryptos have surely surged in the past, however, they have also plunged in 2022. Since the prices have no set pattern for the rise and the fall, it would be each individual’s game to know and understand their risk capacity regarding these investments

When is the right time? – Since cryptocurrencies experience a fluctuation every single day, sometimes even hourly. When the prices can be so volatile, how can one recognize when it would be a good time to invest? Everyone aware of the basics of cryptocurrencies is aware that this ecosystem is entirely different from the ideal norms of ‘buying low and selling high’. The realities of the crypto market are not as easy as this.  Experts suggest that instead of trying to perfectly time the market, the better approach would be to reduce the impact of the overall volatility. This can be done with the help of investment in assets like limited cryptos, stocks, gold, etc by following a regular schedule.

Cryptos predicted to rise – Analysis and constant predictions have become a constant part of the crypto world. The increase in accuracy of these predictions upon the research on patterns and trends could potentially lead to higher returns. In India, many people are still trying to figure out and understand their profits by asking certain questions like “what is TDS on crypto?”, they are also looking at cryptocurrencies with great potential to invest in. Here are some currencies that are expected to rise in the coming times:

  • Bitcoin – Bitcoin’s market cap has been on the rise ever since its inception. Over 846 billion dollars in market capitalization, the recent upgrades in the bitcoin network like the taproot changes have once again shed the spotlight on this currency. Bitcoin has now become a household name even in the remote parts of the globe and as the number of coins comes to a scarcity due to the limit, the demand is said to rise even more.
  • Tether – USDT has a market cap of over 79 billion dollars and is considered a safe bet among cryptocurrencies as it is a stablecoin. This property makes it slightly immune to the rapid and erratic fluctuations in prices. Since the currency is backed by fiat currencies like the US dollar or the Euro, the hypothetical value of this coin is equal to those denominations. To protect yourself from the ups and downs of the volatility of the market, USDT would be a safe bet.
  • Binance Coin – The growing popularity of Binance, one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges in the country, has led to the inception of Binance Coin (BNB). In its limited time, the market cap has risen above 68 billion dollars and is still growing greatly. It has expanded past the simple function of facilitating trades on the exchange platform. It can also be used for trading, booking travel arrangements, processing certain payments, etc.
  • Ripple – Ripple has more-or-less been deemed as a suitable digital currency for businesses and cross-country payments. From 2017 to March 2022, the value of XRP has risen more than 12,600% overall. Owing to its speed of transactions and the minimal transfer fee, it has become the go-to currency and platform when large sums of money need to be transferred instantly across borders.
  • Polkadot – This crypto has a market cap of over 22 billion dollars and was founded in 2016. DOT has a unique blockchain system that is designed to integrate and connect different chains. Using the network one can exchange data and process transactions in parallel blockchains. Developers can also create their own blockchains with Polkadot security.

The numerous advantages associated with investing in cryptocurrencies make it a good investment opportunity even in today’s times. Begin investing asap to get higher returns.

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