What is the importance of the tests performed for hearing?

A lot of people around the world suffer from hearing problems. There are many reasons for the loss of hearing. Any age group can suffer from hearing problems. These people must know what level of hearing problems they have. Here a hearing test that is also called an audiogram, comes into place. The audiogram gives the measurement of the hearing of the person.

The audiogram shows the hearing sensitivity of a person. The audiogram shows all the required details and the reason for the loss of hearing. A soft sound of varying pitches and frequencies are played on the audiogram, and the measurement is extracted from the results. Digital hearing aids are one of the advanced treatments for hearing loss available today that provide frequency-specific amplification according to the user’s hearing characteristics.

What are the reasons for hearing problems?

There are many reasons for loss of hearing among people. They might be common problems or serious problems. Different age groups might have various hearing issues. The main reason for hearing loss is aging. At a point in life, people do not hear properly and might need instruments for hearing. Hearing loss might also be the side effects of medications.

People on different medications can experience temporary or permanent hearing problems. For example, if one works at a place where they experience loud noise daily, they might be victims of hearing loss. This is because any loud sounds affect the cells of the ear and lead to hearing loss.

When a person starts experiencing signs of hearing loss, they have to go for the tests performed for hearing. Symptoms of hearing loss include trouble in hearing, muffled noises, asking a person to repeat what they are saying etc.

What are the different types of tests performed for hearing?

The tests performed for hearing can be of many types:

  • Tympanometry test: This test estimates how stiff the eardrum is. It evaluates the functioning of the middle ear and the eardrum. This test is performed on a tympanogram.
  • Auditory Brainstem Responses test: This test evaluates the functioning of the brain pathways and the inner ear.
  • Electrocochleography: it is a test for the inner ear. This test records the electrical potentials that are generated in the auditory nerve and the inner ear. It is performed with the help of an electrode. This electrode is placed in the canal.
  • Speech testing: This is a simple test conducted. It is performed by an audiologist to check the levels of hearing. This test can be performed on any age group. People are made to hear certain speech tests, to test how well they can hear and speak.
  • Otoacoustic emissions: this is a test performed to check the functioning of the cochlea. This is a test done on children or newborns who might have a problem responding to sounds.
  • Pure-tone testing: This test is performed with the help of earphones. It is the major type of test for hearing that is performed. The degree, type, and threshold levels of a person are being tested.
  • Online tests: Few tests are performed online. The results of these tests are immediate and accurate.

Where can one find tests performed for hearing?

Prevention is better than cure is a famous saying. The saying applies here as well. When one experiences symptoms related to hearing loss, one must immediately get it checked with the help of a hearing test. One has to choose the right services to get their hearing checked. A good place where one can find such services is Starkey. It is a simple test for hearing that is conducted online. It does not require a huge setup. These tests are free, and one can take this test at their home. The results are quick and accurate.

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