Online Pokies in Australia

Recently, the world has been abuzz with the prospect of legalizing online pokies in Australia. After all, the country is losing a considerable amount of money due to internet gaming prohibition. However, it seems that this buzz is just another smokescreen by the industry lobbyists to hide their ulterior motives and make it appear as a noble cause. The truth is that legalizing online pokies australia for real money players will not solve anything but instead only lead to more harm in the long run. Let’s explore how this can be so and what are the implications of legalizing pokies in Australia.

Online Pokies in Australia: A Random Update

It’s been almost two years since we last looked into the topic of online pokies in Australia. Back then, we considered it quite random that a representative from the pokies lobby would suddenly show up on our radar. We had assumed that they would stay stubbornly in the shadows, waiting for a few key events to occur to make any kind of noise. However, much to our surprise, the pokies lobby actually came out of the shadows and started pushing for the legalization of internet casinos online usa. This sudden change in attitude was quite perplexing. After all, how could the industry lobby convince their government to legalize their product when it has been proven that it is harmful to the mental health of the players? Moreover, how could they possibly convince their government to legalize something that has been proven to be harmful when the country is already losing A$4.4 billion every year because of internet gaming prohibition?

The Truth About Online Pokies and Why It’s a Bad Idea

The pokies lobby in Australia claims that the current system is ineffective and causes a lot of harm to the mental health of the players. They also claim that allowing the government to regulate the industry would result in a better standard of service. The first claim is totally false and the second claim is completely ridiculous. Let’s talk about the first claim first. We know that the current system is flawed. We know that it has failed. Let’s not pretend that we don’t know what is wrong with it. The problem is not with the system but with the people using it. There are people who are using this flawed system to harm themselves. They are fooling the government and fooling themselves by thinking that the game is real and that the other person on the other side of the screen has actually won the money that they are playing for. This is not just harmful to the players but also to the entire society. There are people out there who are harming themselves when they should be helping the community. There are people who are playing pokies on a daily basis and are losing their minds as a result. The government should not be helping these people by fooling them into believing that they are helping them.

Why Legalizing Internet Pokies is a Terrible Idea

There are many people who are excited about the prospect of legalizing online pokies in Australia. They see it as a way to earn some extra money by providing online services to pokie players. However, the reality is that none of these people would be interested in providing any kind of quality services to the pokie players. After all, the players are using the service to harm themselves and placing bets that are not based on any kind of quality criteria. Therefore, the only people who would benefit from legalizing online pokies are the government officials who can earn some extra money by legalizing something that would otherwise stay illegal. There are many other reasons as well why legalizing online pokies in Australia is a terrible idea. Let’s talk about the first one.


We have seen that online pokies are harmful to the players, their families, and society in general. We have also seen that the current system is broken and is therefore ineffective at keeping the players safe. Therefore, the only possible conclusion that we can come to is that legalizing online pokies in Australia is a terrible idea. Internet pokies are a harmful product and should not be legalized. Instead, the government should focus on improving the current system by employing more effective tools to keep the players safe.

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