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Smashing 5 Myths Behind Tech Products

With technology playing an increasingly integral part in people’s lives, it’s natural for there to be some naysayers. Some people are wary of change, whereas others are only too willing to embrace it. With this in mind, here are some myths behind popular tech products.

Myth 1: Leaving A Smartphone Charging Overnight Overcharges It

Many people do this mainly because they forget that their phones are on charge when they go to bed. The most important thing for people is that they need a fully charged cell phone for the next day. The good news is that smartphones are just that, smart, and it’s because of this that they stop their cell battery from overloading. When the internal lithium battery is full, it stops charging. If your phone’s battery dips to 99%, then its changing mechanism will kick in until it’s back to being full. It’s as simple as that.

Myth 2: Expensive HDMI Cables Are The Best

If you’re looking for an HDMI cable to connect your monitors, or you want minimal cables visible for your entertainment system, then no, expensive cables are not necessarily the ones for you. However, if you’re after an ultra-high-speed cable and one that’s a bit longer than average, you may pay more. Basically, it depends on your needs when it comes to what HDMI cables will cost you. Pay attention to the packaging and product descriptions, and you’ll get the one that’s right for you.

Myth 3: Refurbished Phones Aren’t Reliable

As with any item you plan to purchase, you want to be able to trust the seller, and you can only do that by doing your research. When buying something that’s already been used, you’ll want to know that the life expectancy of that item will be longer than a few weeks. Looking at the website, particularly reviews, like those on plug tech, will give you that bit of faith knowing that others before you have purchased the item and from the seller and were also happy with the service provided. Furthermore, have a look at what’s on the site, in general. For instance, does the seller specialize in refurbished items? If so, what’s the general customer consensus?

Myth 4: 5G Towers Make You Ill

There’s been a lot of controversy about 5G towers making people ill. In fact, there has always been some controversy surrounding signals, even back to when Wi-Fi was first used. The thing people need to remember, though, is that 5G is based on radio frequencies, which have been used for ages. They’re low-level electromagnetic fields that the World Health Organization says the “…current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences of exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields.”

Myth 5: Apple Macs Can’t Get Viruses

Believed by consumers as well as Apple itself, it was thought Macs couldn’t, or wouldn’t get viruses because of being built on a secure Unix foundation, a multitasking operating system. Apple went so far as to boast about its virus repellant abilities compared to its competitors, who were subjected to various viruses. However, it was soon discovered in a survey of 100,000 Mac users that one in five had some form of malware on their computer or laptop, often lying dormant.

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