Social Games Are Transforming Mobile Play

Over the last couple of years, the mobile gaming industry has seen immense and steady growth. New demands have surfaced with an expanding customer base, inspiring mobile game developers to generate highly engaging games icons and make them available for a broad public.

According to research, App Store and Google Play both saw exceptional growth in the number of downloads — 35% and 38%, respectively — in 2020 alone. Although players are already used to the concept of social games, new tech solutions are turning them into one of the most popular pastimes the world has seen.

New Tech Allows the Expansion of Social Games

The expansion of social games was held back mainly due to technological limitations. Older mobile devices couldn’t support the graphics of social games, and the game loading time was far from ideal, which led to players not being able to try out engaging titles like Poker Heat.

Thankfully, with new tech solutions and stronger hardware and software, developers can create an ecosystem based on ever-so-popular social games. Thanks to major technological advancements in the last couple of years, casual players can finally enjoy entertaining social titles on their mobile devices.

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AR (Augmented Reality) Is Available on Mobile Devices

When Niantic launched Pokémon GO in 2016, the entire world turned upside down. Players from all over the globe installed the game and went on a wild search for their favorite animated characters from childhood. Of course, none of it would have been possible without the mind-blowing AR (augmented reality) technology.


Even today, five years after this phenomenon went live, millions of players enjoy new updates and go on an adventure with smartphones in their hands.

Another AR-focused social game released by the same developer follows the world’s favorite wizard in his battles against evil forces. You guessed it — it’s Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Although the game hasn’t reached the popularity levels of its predecessor, it still shows that augmented reality has found its place in the socially-based mobile ecosystem.

Gamer-Centric Mobile Devices Appear

Sometimes, game developers get carried away and create titles that aren’t accessible by all devices. However, with an increase in mobile-based gaming, new solutions have appeared, including gamer-centric smartphones.

When Razer launched its first mobile device, people were immediately drawn to its features — large RAM, strong battery, and high-resolution screen that could support the graphics. After its success, other brands like Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, and Xiaomi joined the fold.

Today, passionate players can choose among a plethora of mobile devices created to support gamer-specific requirements and provide users with an immersive gaming experience. So, if you are still wondering why mobile games have grown in popularity, you can find the answer in this article.

In-Game Chat Feature Allows Players to Connect

The chat option was previously associated with console and computer games. It allowed players to communicate with one another while planning their strategy in a multiplayer game. Up until recently, you could only play mobile games by yourself without being able to chat with other participants.

Luckily, game developers began investing in social features, allowing players to virtually build connections and have new social interactions. Apart from in-game chat features, new social games also boast hangout rooms where players can talk among themselves and enjoy the experience.

Players Can Build a Community With Guild Mechanics

Other social aspects of games that have been in the spotlight include guild mechanics and co-op gameplay. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a steady increase in the guild and co-op features found in social games.

Some elements include weekly missions players need to complete with their team members by sharing resources to achieve common goals. Overall, the guild and co-op mechanics represent a powerful tool that boosts the enjoyment of playing in a like-minded group of people.

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