Solar System School Projects

Science is a basic learning unit for all schools. Science curriculum regarding space and the solar system is a great fit for the younger school grades. This isn’t because it is necessarily easy to learn and understand, but it is very intriguing to young minds and is naturally fun and engaging.

The Covid pandemic closed schools in a lot of areas. Many schools reopened, but there are still a lot of families opting to continue education from home. Some families enjoy the flexibility of home learning while others are still nervous about the spreading illness. Whether school is in your living room or in a traditional formal classroom, these solar system projects will come in handy and will educate kids on the anatomy of space.

Scale Solar System Projects

Why not start by going straight to the experts? NASA has an activity for students that encourages them to predict where the planets are located in space and how far apart they are. The vast distances between planets is astounding and can be quite difficult for young minds to grasp. There is a ton of space in space!

Most models you see show the planets equal distances apart and in a straight line, but that is far from accurate. Just to put it in perspective, if you used a roll of toilet paper for this example, each square would equal 10 million miles!

Build Your Own Solar System

Just like was mentioned above, there are a lot of misrepresentations of the solar system. For the most part the planets are represented as relatively similar in size. This is absolutely not true. To showcase the differences in size between planets you could have students bring items from home if you are doing this with your classroom. If you are at home you could have your child gather items around the house that clearly showcase the differing scale of the planets.

The following are a few examples of items that could be used:

  • Fruit
  • Coins
  • Balls
  • Paper Circles
  • Balloons

When it comes to learning about the solar system–size matters! Be sure to find very small replicas for the smaller planets, otherwise Jupiter may not even fit in the room!

Design Your Own Planet

Once the kids have learned enough about the existing planets and the functions of space and the solar system they can use their new knowledge to make up their own planet. Have them consider things such as how big it is, what kind of life if any can survive there, what type of matter makes up the planet, what color it is and what its name should be.

Solar System Learning

There is no excuse for a boring solar system unit. Learning about space is so much fun. Don’t forget to check out these solar system projects for even more fun ideas to try. Whether your child comes home and needs a last minute solar system project, or you just need some fun learning material to enhance your home science studies, these projects are for you. Kids are sure to love them.

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