SWIFT Wart Treatment: Procedure & Benefits

Plantar warts are very unpleasant, and traditional methods fail to remove them successfully. If you know warts and their problems, you will understand the pain and discomfort one has to go through to remove them. Freezing and acids will only increase the pain, and surgical removal could cause severe skin damage. These were the procedures of the past, and it’s time to look into the future.

Nowadays, people go for SWIFT Wart Therapy to get rid of plantar warts. It is a procedure that shows a greater success rate than any other treatment. Read the article and plan your next appointment with your doctor to know more about the SWIFT wart treatment.

Why Are Plantar Warts Difficult to Treat?

When a wart virus enters your body, the immune system tries to remove it. But the virus that causes warts stays on the skin’s surface, making it challenging for the immune system to counter it. The SWIFT wart treatment is the best treatment option in this situation, as it helps your immune system destroy the virus.

What Is SWIFT Wart Therapy?

SWIFT is the best way to remove warts. It is a cutting edge, FDA cleared technology that has proven to be highly effective in removing plantar warts.

How Does This Procedure Work?

The SWIFT therapy is effective because of its ability to remove warts without causing severe injuries to the skin/body. SWIFT delivers low-pressure microwave energy to the area where the wart is present. Your cells respond to the friction and heat generated by the equipment by bringing protein to the warm surface as a signal to your immune system. The immune system realises something is wrong with the skin’s surface and targets the HPV (Human papillomavirus) infection and begins destroying it.

This is the best method to treat plantar warts—being non-surgical and non-invasive makes it the best option for many people who are already under different medications. Surgeries require the patient to change the diet and avoid medications that may react with the prescribed medicines before and after the surgery.

This is not the only reason people choose SWIFT Wart Therapy; there are many benefits of SWIFT treatment. When you compare SWIFT treatment to the other available options, SWIFT offers many advantages or benefits such as the following:

More Comfortable/Bearable

As mentioned above, the procedure causes minor to no pain to the patient. Most patients feel a pinching sensation that lasts only a few seconds. This is why many prefer this procedure over surgeries.

No Visible Harm to the Skin

In other procedures, the skin gets many cuts and damages. Even though you will get ointments and medicines to minimise the surgery marks, the skin takes a lot of time to return back to normal, and some marks become permanent. SWIFT is a procedure that only heats the few upper layers of your skin, and this is not enough to cause any burn.

A Quick Response

With SWIFT technology, warts removal is possible in two to three sessions.

No Aftercare Required

This treatment doesn’t require any post-procedure medication or bandages, and you can directly go back to your home or office after the procedure.

Treatment Is Consistent

The other procedures try to remove warts by peeling or cutting them, and as it may cause injuries, the surgeon doesn’t go deeper. This may leave some of the viruses in the skin and increase the chances of the disease coming back. But, the SWIFT procedure is more reliable as it can heat any place and go deeper into the layers. Thereby, it can prevent the relapse of the infection.

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