The 5 Best Ways to Use CBD for PMS Pain Relief

CBD is a proven ailment for many conditions because of its anti-inflammatory properties. One such is menstrual cramps. Contrary to the fortunate few who appear to be able to breeze through their cycles without any complications, every month, the rest of the women face the menaces of cramps, unable to do much about their situation. The support of CBD now acts as a relief inducing substance and can save them from a grueling menstrual cycle. CBD can help relieve the unpleasant symptoms of menstruation such as cramps, nausea and anxiety. Those interested in giving CBD a try for relief of period pain can check out these five ways CBD is commonly used for this purpose.

1- Sip CBD in your favorite beverage

Only the best CBD tincture contains organic CBD oil which possesses the power of naturally curing pain. You can use a few drops of this portion in any of your favorite beverages for cramp relief. The underlying cause of pain is inflammation, which can be reduced by a few drops of this remedy.

  1. Rub it over the affected area for warmth

The oils can be used as topical if you don’t like CBD’s taste, or simply CBD creams to massage directly into the skin. When you are experiencing discomfort during your period, this is a popular option for soothing achy areas such as your lower back, abdomen, or groin, since it gets to work directly on those areas. Besides reducing sebum production, another cause of acne, CBD can also help you say goodbye to hormonal acne. A few drops of this can be added to your moisturizer and applied as necessary.

  1. Bath salts, a few lavender drops and CBD = A perfect bath

CBD has also been shown to moisturize and heal the skin, as well as improve blood circulation to the womb, resulting in fewer period pains when drawn in a CBD-infused bath. Take a bath with a few drops of CBD oil, aromatic essential oils, light a few candles, and enjoy your ME time.

  1. Eat your CBD

Use your CBD oil in your recipes and satisfy your chocolate cravings by relieving pain. You can also enjoy the daily dose of sweet and vegan CBD gummies that are made with hundred percent natural oil and are great for first time CBD users because of their less potency.

  1. With a vaping device

It is also possible to inhale CBD to deliver it directly into your bloodstream. The use of a vape pen is a great option if you need quick pain relief – you will start feeling the effects as soon as a few seconds have passed. Inhaled CBD is absorbed throughout your body rather than being concentrated in one area. As a result, you get to enjoy its full range of benefits, including its ability to relieve stress.

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