The Best Job Search Tips for People With a Disability

In Australia, finding a job can be a struggle at times, especially if you’re looking for a particular type of job. If you’re a job hunter who also happens to be living with a disability, the challenges faced are increased. While it’s by no means impossible to find a job when you have a disability, it would be erroneous to state that it isn’t a little harder.

To help people living with a disability not only land a job but find the job they want, let’s look at some job search tips for the disabled to help negate some of the challenges faced.

Focus On Your Strengths

This applies to every stage of the job search process, from creating a resume, cover letters, what you’ll discuss in a job interview, and even how you view yourself. While your disability has to be a consideration when it comes to applying for jobs, it’s not the be-all and end-all. Everybody has their strengths, talents, and individual abilities. In other words, everybody has something positive to offer a potential employer.

When you apply for a position or are in touch with an employer, don’t just focus on your disability. Focus on what you can do and can do well. Emphasize the fact that you have the skills and the ability to do the job they have advertised and do it proficiently.

Undergo Some Skills Training

Like any job seeker, increasing your skills and knowledge also increases your chances of successfully landing the job you want. Furthering your education doesn’t necessarily mean you have to finish a university degree. You could do a certificate course online or any one of thousands of other online courses or TAFE courses that will improve your chances of finding work. The more skills you have to offer potential employers, the more advantages you’ll have whether you’re living with a disability or not.

Have You Considered Work Experience?

One of the hurdles people with disabilities face is employers immediately assuming that a person with a disability can’t do the job, or do it well enough. While this could be true in some circumstances, many times this is an erroneous assumption.

One way to prove that you can do the job is to do some work experience with a company you’re interested in working for. This way, they get to see firsthand that you are more than capable of performing the tasks the role requires.

Team Up With a Local Jobactive Provider

Jobactive providers are a government initiative designed to help people who are unemployed find work. Jobactive providers also focus on assisting people with disabilities to find a job and keep a job.

You’ll be given access to their office equipment, possibly partake in a free skills training course, receive help writing up resumes and cover letters, and even be lined up with job interviews.

Not only that, as a disabled job seeker, you can gain access to various assistance programs through your Jobactive provider. Two such schemes are:

DES (Disability Employment Services)

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

If you talk with your local NDIS Townsville provider and take full advantage of all the services and assistance programs offered, you’ll increase your chances of job success in a major way. Joining a Jobactive provider is something you should seriously consider.

Job Prospects for People Living With a Disability

When it comes to jobs for people with disabilities, there are many opportunities out there. Depending on your disability, you’ll be more suited to some jobs than others.

Let’s quickly list some jobs and industries that have proven to be popular choices for people with a disability:

  • Medical admin
  • Pharmacy assistant
  • IT specialist
  • Accountant or financial planner
  • Vocational counseling
  • Disability support worker
  • Call center agent
  • And many more options…

On top of the types of jobs, you could focus on, numerous employers in Australia like to diversify their workforce and employ people with disabilities, people from different cultures, mature-aged workers, and so on.

In Conclusion

Living with a disability doesn’t mean you can’t get a job or the career you want. Focus on your strengths and take advantage of any assistance that’s available to you in your job hunt.

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