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The Main Types of Cyberattacks Small Businesses Face

According to CISA, 47% of American adults “have had their personal information exposed by cybercriminals.” So already, without any sort of business being involved, we have problems!

When you run a business, you’re likely to have more at stake than just personal information. If you leave your business vulnerable to the various types of cyberattacks that prevail in our modern age, you could be risking your livelihood.

In this quick guide, we’ll allude to some of the most common types of cyberattacks. This way, you can have a better idea of how to conduct security planning and meet compliance standards.

Network Intrusions

One of the most common cyber attacks you can expect with your small business is network intrusion. When it comes to small business cybersecurity, preventing network intrusions should be a main priority.

Cyber attackers use methods such as protocol impersonation, traffic flooding, and multi-routing to get into your network. Here you can learn more about computer security planning, to prevent such intrusions.

Ransomware Attacks

When it comes to online security, ransomware attacks can be considered some of the most brutal. These attacks involve attackers holding your business for ransom and can halt all your operations in worst-case scenarios.

Thus, protecting a business from ransomware attacks should also be a strong priority. If you fall victim to such an attack, you need to find professional help. Then, you need to revise your online security planning to prevent future attacks.

Insider Threats

You might find it unfortunate to learn that a lot of cyberattacks come from inside a business. Not all employees will be loyal to your company over the years, and it’s important to register this as a reality.

To stop insider attacks from happening, you need to plan your security infrastructure with care. To do this, employ a professional company to help you get your planning right.

Credential Stuffing

One of the lesser-known cybersecurity threats is credential stuffing. This is relevant to businesses that use some sort of subscription service.

Businesses that have been affected by this in the past include Disney and TurboTax, to name a couple. What happens is attackers manipulate credentials to access various points in similar service types. The end result is attackers gain access to areas of the service they shouldn’t have access to.

Malware Attacks

Malicious software or malware attacks are code-based and infiltrate networks in various ways. Some of the worst malware attacks can seriously compromise a business’s network.

A malware attacker will often send the code via email. The code tends to be accessible through a link or file they send. Therefore, you and your employees must be careful not to open links or files in emails that you are unfamiliar with.

The Various Types of Cyberattacks

There are many types of cyberattacks out there that small businesses should be aware of. To keep security planning at its best, businesses should consider hiring professional help to keep their networks secure.

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