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Top Benefits of Using Data Erasure Software

Have you had an unfortunate run-in with identity theft?

Nearly half of surveyed American adults reported at least one identity theft incident in their lives. Problems range from stolen credit card numbers to hacked mobile phones.

Now, the above statistic raises an important question: what is the role of the institution or product that was compromised?

This question is critical for business owners, which speaks to the importance of data erasure software.

1. A Cornerstone of Customer Service

Does your customer service strategy include a data wiping plan?

Security concerns grow as more businesses embrace mobile and cloud-based customer strategies. For example, integrating AI-powered bots into web design allows for a 24-hour customer service strategy. However, your visitors’ data would be compromised should someone hack your platform.

Other customer service security risks include:

  • Phishing emails disguised as your company’s
  • Website (or server) attacks on your site
  • Password breaches
  • Stolen credit card data

These incidences cause customer trust to plummet, but you can prevent and mitigate the damage with a bulletproof IT management plan. These plans, also known as managed IT services, include data erasure protocols.

2. Protect All Sensitive Data

Some industries deal with more sensitive data than others. In these cases, you’ll need a data destruction protocol, as well.

For example, suppose your company is developing a secret makeup formula. Of course, you don’t want your competitors to find out about this new product. You risk exposing this data if it remains on any work devices.

Data and device destruction are standard practices in enterprise mobility strategies, primarily when colleagues communicate cross-globally. Device destruction mitigates internal data theft issues, as well.

An experienced IT team should buy, manage, and destroy these devices. This team should also be on-call should any data theft (or loss) issues arise suddenly.

3. Stay In Compliance with Erasure Software

Customer loyalty and companies secrets aren’t possible without strict compliance. Laws and regulations are catching up to the legal impact of data. Thus, business owners have to keep up with new data compliance regulations.

The most notable example is the latest GDPR changes for general data protection regulation. While the EU sets these guidelines, American companies that market to global consumers should also follow new GDPR protocols.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, but the most recognizable change is the mandatory cookie agreement bar. Website owners must inform users about cookie data, and visitors must agree (or acknowledge) the statement before engaging with the site.

IT software helps companies stay compliant with GDPR rules, while data management software provides even more protection from compliance-related violations.

Data erasure product features vary. Plus, industries have their own specific needs. For example, Certus Software specifically manages data erasure for OEM and leasing industries. Assess your company’s top priorities and IT management when choosing a solution.

Move Forward Without the Risk

You’re careful with your data. Are you being as cautious with your customer’s information?

Consider the benefits of integrating erasure software into your IT plan, and discover even more helpful information in the blog!

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