Top colours for your balcony

The balcony of a house though seems like a non-essential part, but for the outsiders passing your home, it does leave quite an impact. The colours on a balcony do create an impression. Flakes and cracks on the balcony walls look displeasing when guests enter the balcony.

The balcony is also a place to relax. It is also exposed to sunlight and rainfall. If the walls of the balcony are not painted with high-quality paints with fungicidal solutions it might lead to fungal growth.

Other than protecting the balcony walls, it should also be kept beautiful with colours.

Here are some colour ideas for painting your balcony:

  • Keep it white

Painting your balcony walls in white is the most simple way to paint the balcony walls of your home. White is also elegant and less expensive to execute compared to other colours. The white-walled balcony can also be waterproofed. The white colour on the walls also reflects the sun, hence, it keeps the adjacent room warm

  • Mint

Give your balcony a dose of freshness with coloured walls. With a wooden texture, the mint wall on a balcony looks great. If you have vintage railings, it looks like the 50s. You can put some white furniture for reading or relaxation. Many homeowners decorate their mint coloured balconies with bougainvillaea and climbers to give a natural look.

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  • Bright and sunny

Yellow balconies make it look like sunshine has just come into the home.

If you have a white door leading to the balcony, it makes it look like a sunny side up. The yellow colour changes othe vibe of a balcony. The colour kind of resembles a balcony that is Southern France or Cuba.

You can decorate the balcony with hydrangea or bougainvillaea plants.

  • Grey

The grey shade is also perfect for the balcony; it looks like a simple shade of colour that is easy to execute. The grey walls also hide any imperfections in the balcony. You can also put on a cement paint coat if the paints flake off. Grey coloured balconies can be decorated with colourful chairs to contrast the gloomy grey colour. You can also have a small garden with colourful flowers to set a contrasting vibe.

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  • Tangerine

Give the balcony of your home a European vibe of a beach house with the tangerine colour. The colour scheme is unusual but gives a bohemian vibe to the balcony.  The colour looks best when the cornices of the balcony are coloured in white. You can have a small wine table on the balcony if you want to bring some Tuscan vibe. If you want to accentuate the theme, you can also buy table liners cheap and make your table a great centerpiece for your balcony.


Your balcony can be a space of relaxation, it also needs to be decorated like the other rooms of the house with the right colours.

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