Top Progressive Slot Games in Poland

Dating back to 1986, when progressive slot games were first introduced, progressive jackpot slot games are perhaps the most popular slots that are played in online Poland casinos. These slot games come with all the excitement of playing slots and provide a chance of making huge winnings while using a small amount of money.

This is because jackpot prices keep increasing until someone finally wins. This means that it is possible to win huge sums in just one spin, the more reason why you should try your luck at playing progressive slot games. The largest progressive jackpot payout on record happened in Las Vegas, where a software engineer who had spent $100 on IGT’s Megabucks won a whopping jackpot amount of $39 710 896.36. we had a session with our gaming expert Jacek Michałski (check profile), and this is  a conclusive review of some of the top progressive slots here in the Poland gaming space:


Developed by the famous American slot machine manufacturer, International Gaming Technology, megabucks is a leading top progressive slot machine game in Poland. It is among the best progressive slot machines that are available in the Poland gaming space. The dollar slot game requires a minimum deposit of $3 bets to be eligible for the maximum jackpot.

The jackpot starting figure is set at $10 million and reset once a progressive payout is made. The megabucks machine has been a leading machine that has made players be huge winners. Records indicate that the largest Megabucks jackpot was attained at the Gold Dust West Casino on March 22, 2016, with a progressive payout of over $12.5 million. The beauty of megabucks jackpot winning is that you are allowed to choose between depositing the whole amount or taking annual installments that are distributed over 25 years.

Wheel of Fortune Slots

The wheel of fortune slot was developed by the renowned American slot machine manufacturer International Gaming Technology commonly referred to as IGT. The famous wheel is spun every time you play by pressing the button which is followed by the game show theme music.

Eligibility of winning this best jackpot slots dollar jackpot requires a $2 bet mammoth base amount capped at $1 million. The machine, which can be found on Polish platforms reviewed at casino Energy, resets once a progressive jackpot is made and payouts are made. In the history of Wheel of Fortune, the highest $1 jackpot was attained on June 9, 2016, in Las Vegas for a record $ 1,240,398.97. Wheel of Fortune Slot jackpots are significantly lower than other progressive slot games like Megabucks but the advantage of the slots is that it does pay out more often

Sex and the City Slots

Deriving its name and brand from the popular TV show Sex and the City, the slot has become popular in Poland and among the highest slot machine jackpot. Another fact is that the slot machine has attracted more women than men players partly because of the nature of the show.

The International Gaming Technology is the developer and manufacturer of the sex and the city slot machine. It worked hard to ensure that all the show’s icons and themes were installed on the beautiful game. Sex and the city slots are way cheaper compared to other progressive slots. This is because they are mainly penny slots. The game gives you nine bonus rounds of a maximum of $2 bet increasing your chances of winning. The beauty of the progressive slot game is that each round you play is represented by a theme in the show using a particular character also from the show.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune was an old-time favorite for many players in the past before the introduction of its progressive sequel slots. In Mega Fortune, you get to choose bet amounts ranging from £ 0.25 to £ 50 per spin. The jackpot round is attained when you get 3 bonus symbols on the initial three reels. History has it that the highest payout from Mega Fortune is €17,861,800 from just a $ 0.25 bet.

Progressive slot games are perhaps the highest online games that can make you huge winnings from just a small bet. Be sure to play in any of the discussed progressive slot machines, and you could be lucky to win a progressive slot jackpot-winning.

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