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No Body can insult anybody in the UAE even with a reason. If a person has made a mistake, done some crime or forgery then police, security institutions and the courts exist to provide the justice. One can file the case against the person but nobody can be mocked, insulted or beaten by others. UAE Law does not allow law to be taken by people in charge. The laws are established so people could be saved from coercion, pressure and false influence. We can throw light on a few law articles here for example a Federal Law 35, 1992 which is about the Criminal Law Procedures, Federal Law 5 of 2012 for cybercrimes etc. Federal Laws UAE and the courts operating in UAE, working and covering every person and his interest. Therefore, the UAE is considered the world’s most safe and secure territory to live in. If you want to live in the UAE for a long time then you must know about the rules, regulations and the terms. If a person is having issues of defamation, insult, slander, loss etc. then he is given privilege by law to file a case against the accused person. Even a criminal case can be lodged against a person or employee if he finds the other person in sharing the secret information, or causing loss to the person or company. Federal Law 3 and its article 372 throws the light on a jail sentence, which is not more than two years, a fine which is not more than 20, 000, for the person who insults a person. Further, it also talks about the sentence for the government employees, and the total jail terms duration. It also tells us, what are the punishments and compensations of insult and defamation. Further Article 376 also says that if a person makes a verbal or written defense which is not a real insult of others indeed, then it will not be treated as defamation. The Article 377 of Federal Law 3 tells us that if a person reports a crime, or something which is against the Law about a person then he would not be held accountable. Countries like UAE also provide complete security and protection to such people in case there is any threat or life threat. While living in this global environment we must keep in mind that if a person enters into the privacy of others, makes some recording or does something which is not allowed by the Law, then such a person can be punished for seven years alone or along with fine. All these articles mentioned above can be found in Federal Law 3.

Laws and Rules are made to regulate the society. These are made to regulate the social mobilization so no one could accede the limits and move beyond the law. Law means to control the people and people have to follow the Law. People also need to be trained by the government first then law has to be implemented. This is how a balanced government is defined. All the developed countries in the world spend their budget on their people and make the rules. It gives birth to a civilized society. Rules are nothing if the awareness is not spread. UAE is one of those countries in the world where rules are made, awareness and education is provided and it is made sure that there could be no injustice. The people of UAE, the Emirati citizens are also civilized and they know very well how to behave like a civilized community. All such things make the UAE the best country to live, spend time, spend vacations and invest the money.

The UAE government also established a judiciary so people could take the legal service when they want. Lawyers in Dubai e.g. Labour and Employment Lawyers, Family Lawyers in Dubai, Civil and Criminal Lawyers, Real Estate Lawyers in Dubai, and others are consulted by common people so they could not be spoiled or cheated by others. The role of a villain can’t be fully eliminated from society. Therefore, the need of Law, Advocates and legal support cannot be fully eliminated as well. Law is the need of society. When it comes to hiring the right Law Firms or the Lawyers in Dubai then UAE also provides the best options for hiring the Law Firms/Advocates. For example, the Law Firms can only be made by the Emirati Lawyers. These Emirati Lawyers establish a sole entity which is also an Emirati Law Firm. An Emirati Law Firm which is owned by an Emirati Advocate, should also be managed by the same Lawyer or another Emirati Advocates. It should not be like just using the name of an Emirati Advocate. However, most people will not have to face a situation like this. The competent Emirati Law Firms take the cases and serve the clients with passion and dedication. The Full-Service Emirati Law Firms owned and managed by the competent and well reputed Emirati Lawyers might not be working on contingency. This should also be kept in mind by the people that a professional lawyer fee can be in installments but there is no contingency, usually available in UAE. Dubai Lawyers, and the Law Firms in Dubai are the professional entities, anyone can find but should be the best Emirati Dubai Lawyers and Law Firms. A quality service always costs more to people. For example, a property in downtown cannot be found on the rate of a remote area property or a doctor with two-decade experience cannot be equal to a fresh doctor. Like the experts of this industry, we also suggest that you always hire the best and best Advocates and Legal Consultants even though it is going beyond your budget. The real professional will save your time and money in future even though the chances to win the case are quite rare due to poor and less availability of case supporting documents. Dubai Lawyers and the Law Firms are the best in town in several perspectives. Law Firms in Dubai and the Emirati Lawyers in Dubai are the priority of the businesses in Dubai for hiring.

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