A stoma is a surgically created opening located on the abdomen. Stomas are either connected to your digestive system or to your urinary system. They allow waste in different forms to be passed out of your body.

If you have a stoma, there is always a fear of getting pressure on it. As you can imagine, that would be disastrous and dangerous to your health. Stoma domes were created to solve this problem and people have been satisfied with them for long periods.

Stoma domes were pretty great news- but what if I told you they could be better. A lot of people are now using stealth belts with their stoma domes. Is it good or necessary? This article aims to help you find out.


As implied by the name, stoma protection from Stealth Belt is one designed to help keep your stoma dome in place. It is built to perfectly fit a stoma dome and connect it safely to your body.

The stoma dome is worn over the stoma. Next, the stealth belt is worn. The stealth belt is a belt with a small section in which your entire ostomy bag can be kept.


The next best question is why you should wear one of these belts. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider one.

  • The stealth belt conceals your ostomy: One of the best things about the stealth belt is it conceals your ostomy. It means you can lift up your shirt and instead of your ostomy bag, people see your stealth belt which is designed to be low profile. Rather than your ostomy, people will just see an easy-to-forget stealth belt around you.
  • It holds it in place: A stealth belt holds your ostomy in place. If you are active and move around a lot, you might have trouble with a bag that won’t stay in place. Luckily, with a stealth belt, that’s no longer a worry.
  • Useful for athletes: Stealth belts can be useful for athletes who are active. During sports, the ostomy is kept in place and offers extra protection from pressure. Ostomy bag leaks are best avoided and this is a great way to help with that.
  • It protects the stoma dome further: The stealth belt offers more protection from pressure. Since it is kept in place and protected by the stoma dome, its chances of leakage lower considerably.
  • It has less than half an inch of total depth; low profile: One major worry is how noticeable it could be. The stealth belt is designed to keep a low profile. In total, it has a depth of about half an inch. This means that it won’t stand out or make you look puffy at all. It is safe, secure, practical, and lowkey.


Having an ostomy could make certain things difficult but with products like the stoma dome and the stealth belt, things are looking up. Remember that you can contact your doctor before making a purchase if he or she hasn’t already recommended one for you.

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