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New to vaping? Well, get your hands on vape starter kits to get you going. Vape starter kits are great for beginners, and typically include an impressive vaping device, batteries, coils, and a battery charger as well.

Not sure which vape starter kit to buy for your needs? Fret not!

This vape starter kit buying guide covers all you need about starter kits.

So, let’s begin….

Types of Vape Starter Kits

When going to purchase a vape starter kit for yourself from vape starter kit wholesale, you will come across two common types – Mouth to Lung (MTL), and Direct to Lung (DTL). Let’s discuss both of them in detail:

  • Mouth to Lung: These devices are somewhat similar to normal tobacco cigarettes. However, these types of vape devices operate at comparatively less power and will need more exertion in order to inhale. But, MTL vapes are ideal for beginners, especially for those who want the same nicotine ‘hit’ as they’d get from tobacco cigarettes. In case you go for MTL vape devices, you must look for e-juice that contains a higher Propylene Glycol (PG) ratio. This is because those e-juices that contain 50% more PG ratio, are known to be more MTL friendly.
  • Direct to Lung: DTL vape devices are also commonly referred to as Cloud Vape Kits, as these are typically for Sub-Ohm smokers. These typically operate with higher-powered batteries, as these need more power to produce massive, thick clouds and vapors. Moreover, this massive cloud production needs low PG ratios. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is thicker in consistency and comparatively less runny, which is ideal for producing huge vapors.

Other types include…

Pen-Style Vape Starter Kits

Pen-style vapes are one of the oldest and classic types of vapes. Because of its sleek and compact design, individuals usually opt for this kind of vape when stepping their foot into the vaping world. Moreover, pen-style vapes generally replicate the shape and style of the ordinary tobacco cigarettes available out there.

Moreover, if we talk about a beginner vape pen style, these devices need more battery power, as well as wattage power, as compared to pod systems. In addition to that, these starter kits are going to be a little on the expensive end. These vape starter kits are ideal for those wanting to go for a direct-to-lung style of vaping, as talked about earlier in this article. This is because the vapor produced by these types of vape devices is less like a cigarette and more like an actual cloud entering your lungs.

Let’s talk about the advantages of going for this type of vape. Firstly, pen-style vapes are customizable. You can alter the wattage, power output, change mouth to lung preferences, and much more.

Furthermore, with pen-style vapes, you can also choose sub-ohm tank pairings depending upon your own requirements. , mouth-to-lung preferences, etc. But if this isn’t enough for you, wait until you hear about box mod kits.

Not to forget, pen-shaped vapes will also feature a tank/clearomizer which holds adequate amounts of your preferred e-juices. Not only are these refillable, but the coils and the tank can easily be replaced after a specific time period.

If we talk about the airflow levels in pen-shaped vapes, you can easily adjust them with the help of the airflow control ring or lever. The battery will also include power output adjustments and numerous other unique features, such as LED battery indicators so that users can easily keep an eye on their vape’s battery.

Lastly, in most pen-shaped vapes, you will be required to hit a button in order to inhale the vapor, unlike those auto-firing features you’d find in typical pod systems.

However, with pros come cons. The overall anatomy of this type of vape device is quite complicated than a normal pod system. It doesn’t really replicate the use of tobacco cigarettes in most cases, and is rather more cylindrical in appearance, and is at times even bigger in size than markers.

Box Mod Kits

If you’re totally new to vaping and have never vaped before, we’d advise you to go for something less complicated and more simple. However, if you think your lungs can take in a considerate amount of vapor, then this type of vape starter kit is for you.

If we talk about Box Mod kits, the overall anatomy and style of a box mod are comparatively more complicated than any other vaping device you’d spot.

These box mods will feature a tank as same as that in pen-style vape kits. Moreover, the coils can also easily be replaced after a specific time period. If you look at the button of the vaping device, you will spot the box mod. Most box mods you’ll come across will either have batteries or can also offer built-in rechargeable battery options.

Let’s not forget those fancy and innovative OLED screens for the display in box mods. These OLED screens are something definitely to flaunt about. Moreover, numerous features, such as temperature control, adjustable wattage, voice recognition software, and numerous more features are being introduced.

Which Vape Start Kit to Go For?

Now, the most important question is- which vape starter kit should you go for?

Well, if you’re opting for a vape that has a high nicotine salt content, requires Mouth to Lung technique, gives a more intense throat hit than that of tobacco cigarettes, and a more powerful flavor, we’d advise you to go for either a vape pen or pod kit.

However, the second option would be going for a Sub-Ohm vape pen or a box mod. These types of vape starter kits would be more appropriate if you are looking for a vape that creates huge and massive vapor and clouds, requires a Direct to Lung vaping technique, and is more customizable, and comes with more features.

In this case, a simple pen-style vape will not be suitable if you’re looking deeper into more specifications and advanced features.

We hope this guide has helped you choose the best vape starter kit for your dream vaping experience. Enjoy!

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