Virtual birthday to Celebrate While Safely Social Distancing

Birthdays are a time for celebration, and you can’t let the COVID-19 pandemic stop that.  If you want to do something special for your child’s next birthday, there are a number of ways to celebrate safely — the COVID-19 virus can’t permeate most party activities. You might even decide that throwing an imaginary or “virtual” birthday party is safer than hosting a real one.

To celebrate your birthday, while keeping with the theme of safety and security this year (as you’re turning 18), try these virtual party ideas!

Virtual Get-to-Know-You Game Night

Before the party, assign each guest a Skype or Google Hangout account. In each chat room is the name of an object that no one else in the room should say — but if they do, everyone in the group must stop talking and make a face. Pass out a list of random objects to all guests; when you hit “Start,” everyone starts talking. If you hear a secret word, stop talking and make a funny face — it will help lighten the mood amidst the seriousness of the pandemic. This is a fun game that will get everyone laughing, and it’s easy to play with any device that connects to the Internet.

Karaoke Party With A Virtual Theme

This is an ideal way for your friends to enjoy a celebration without having to leave their home. Social media sites such as YouTube and SoundCloud have thousands of music videos, so this should give you plenty of options for everyone’s tastes. Get together with all the guests beforehand so you can create a list of songs that everyone wants to sing, and you’ll be ready to go! All birthday celebrants should wear party hats for the event.

Formal Virtual Party

There are plenty of free online sites where you can put together your own invitation and print it out. Send it to the guests and make sure everyone dresses up for the occasion! Print off a picture of yourself as the birthday boy or girl, post it on your wall, and use Photoshop or another image editing program to add balloons. You can also find a “Happy Birthday” image online and use that to decorate your page.

Hosting A Cake Decorating Or Virtual Baking Party

Baking with someone online may be tricky, but it can be a fun activity nonetheless. You could try Skype or Google Hangout for this activity, but if you want to keep it basic you can use FaceTime. Set up your cake in advance and then let each guest decorate their own piece of the cake with icing — make sure to put the cake on a stand that will fit in front of your computer screen! Be sure to include the same safety rules you use when hosting a real party — if you don’t know how to bake, this might not be the right activity for you.

Dance Party

There are a number of free sites that have recorded music. Use them to get everyone dancing together! You can use either Google Hangout or Skype for this. Encourage guests to put their links on your party’s Facebook page so you can all see what everyone else is up to while they dance. This might be the best way to enjoy your birthday if you love to dance.

Mixology Cocktail Party

To host a virtual mixology party the way it’s meant to be enjoyed, you’ll need to invite only your closest friends. Set up your bar in advance with all of the supplies needed for everyone who will be attending — if you’re serving hard alcohol or wine, make sure they’re closed and locked in an area where no one can spill anything onto them. You’ll also want to have plenty of glasses on hand so people don’t have to drink directly out of bottles; this is more sanitary. Be sure there are paper towels nearby as well as something for guests.

Astrology Party

Put together an astrology wagering game where guests bet on which month their birthdays fall in, but they also have to name a date that falls within the month. For example, if someone’s birthday fell during August she could choose any of the 31 days that make up that month — but she would not be able to use the 1st, which is technically the first day of September.

Party With Virtual Comedy Shows

Everyone loves a good stand-up routine, so why not have a virtual comedy show? Use FaceBook or Skype to invite everyone you know and get them to contribute with their own funny jokes. This might help you come up with some new material for your next gig!

Roast Party With Comedy

For this party, you’ll want a small group to get together and roast each other. Roasting is when you say something funny about another person using humor — usually with the intent of being insulting – but in a lighthearted way. You could even have everyone sign up ahead of time to roast one person or another, so it’s a lot more organized. Use Skype or Google Hangout for this party, since the verbal exchanges will need to be quick and often without warning.

Costume Dress Up Party

For this party, you’ll want to print off a few templates for guests to make their costumes. You can also find some free images online and use them as a starting point — just make sure that you have a template in front of your computer screen so people know what they are making. If possible, set up the room where everyone is watching in a way where they can see each other’s progress as well.

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