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What Is an Innovation Lab: A Complete Guide

In today’s business world, if you’re not focused on innovation, you’re not going to last. 2021 saw a huge spike in innovation labs by some giants in the corporate world, and smaller companies followed suit.

Times are changing faster than ever, and that’s true for pretty much every industry out there.

If you don’t adapt, stay relevant, and create new ideas, you’ll quickly be left behind. If you want to know how to create and utilize your own innovation lab read on.

Why You Need an Innovation Lab

You need fresh innovation lab ideas that are brought to fruition and put on the market. This is the only way to stay relevant in your sector.

It’s a “what have you done for me lately” world with a short attention span. People today move on to the newest “toy” or latest release quicker than ever.

How to Set Up an Innovation Lab

When starting an innovation lab, you need to be aware of what roles need filling in the lab. Do you want to search in-house or look elsewhere for fresh ideas? You need to know what kind of people make the best innovators.

What projects are a priority? Do you want a set infrastructure or let the teams reign free? How will you test your ideas? And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, who are your customers?

Once you answer these questions, you’re ready to set up your innovation lab.

The Goals and Results of an Innovation Lab 

We talked about the “why” start an innovation lab, but let’s dive deeper and get more specific. Taking a more pinpointed approach will make for a better success rate.

  • Create a New Culture
  • Replenish Talent
  • Ideation
  • Open Up Data
  • Emphasis on Long-term Revenue
  • In-house capabilities
  • Create Other Businesses

An innovation lab can bring in some fresh air to the company. Combining new minds with those who’ve been there for a while can light a spark. A fresh perspective is always good for creativity and productivity.

Many successful companies that don’t have much turnover can be seen as stale to bright young minds who are talented and ready to enter the workforce. An innovation lab can create a spot for those minds.

Ideation is essentially the core of an innovation lab. It promotes healthy competition that makes everyone better.

You can send your data to a third party to innovate. Then, bring it back to, and you can combine ideas to make a unique product.

Innovation typically equates to long-term revenue.

An innovative lab can help raise in-house employees’ capabilities. Often workers who were cruising along thrive when given a new title or mission.

With new ideas come the possibility of news businesses like Chrom Tech.

Open for Business

Now you’re ready to open your innovation lab for business. You have a guide to walk you through the steps to ensure success. You know what to do, why to do it, and what results it can bring. So start innovating.

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