What Should Be Considered After Breast Aesthetics?

After breast aesthetics, it is normal for individuals to experience some dizziness and fatigue due to anesthesia. Depending on the recommendation of physicians, some patients may resort to applications that contribute to the healing process such as the use of supportive bras or elastic bandages in the postoperative process. The use of painkillers has an important role in post-operative pain control, and in some patients, drain placement may be performed to remove excess fluid and blood from the operation area. It is recommended to consult your physicians about the issues to be considered after breast aesthetics. 

These issues can generally be summarized as follows:

  • Bathing and wound care
  • Drugs to be used and frequency of use
  • Monitoring the healing process of incision sites
  • Activities to avoid
  • Control inspection planning

Clarifying these situations is very important for the healing process to proceed positively. After some operations, it is necessary to apply to health institutions urgently in various situations that develop. These situations are generally as follows:

  • Changes that indicate infection in the breast area such as fever, temperature increase, redness
  • development of irregular heartbeat, chest pain or shortness of breath

The period of abstinence from strenuous activities after breast aesthetic surgeries is usually around 6 weeks. For some patients, various exercises such as stretching may be recommended by physicians.

Breast Augmentation After Cancer

Breast aesthetic operations are surgeries that can be performed for reconstruction after cancer treatment or to eliminate cosmetic concerns. These surgeries can be performed by placing different types of implants into the breast tissue, as well as to lift sagging breasts due to the natural aging process. Silicone breast is a preferred method especially in operations performed after cancer treatments. For plastic surgeons dealing with breast reconstruction, it has almost become a part of cancer treatments in patients with deformed breasts due to breast cancer. Silicone breast operations should be considered not only around the question of what to do for breast augmentation, but also as a repair method for patients who have deformation or loss of some or all of their breast or breast volume for any reason.  

Breast Aesthetics Prices

For all these reasons, breast aesthetic prices are wondered by many people, especially women. Breast aesthetic prices may vary depending on many parameters, from the quality of the material to be used as breast silicone and breast prosthesis, the experience of the doctor, the clinic where the procedure will be performed, which breast surgery is suitable for the patient’s condition. It is possible to determine a precise price for the price of breast aesthetics only after the procedure to be applied after the examination. 

You too; If you want to have breast aesthetic operations that can have functions such as breast lift surgery, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast augmentation, breast lift, and if you want to get information about whether these operations are suitable for you, you can get support from our specialist physicians by applying to Medical Park hospitals in Turkey.

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