Why Employees at Religious Organizations May Not Be Protected Against Discrimination

On the face of it, you would assume that discriminating against someone simply because they are of a particular religious belief is wrong. This is certainly the case when people are discriminated against n an employment situation.

For example, if someone is refused a job, passed over for training or promotion, harassed, or even fired, and it is because of their religion, they are being discriminated against. This should allow the victim to claim compensation for the inconvenience caused. However, this type of behaviour is not explicitly covered by the law, effectively making it legal to discriminate against someone on religious grounds.

Of course, if you’re experiencing discrimination you’ll need to speak to a reputable lawyer, like this lawyer Hervey Bay. You’ll quickly find that it’s not quite as simple as it sounds.

The Current Law

There isn’t one law that says discrimination on religious grounds is wrong. However, there is a network of laws that offer protection against religious discrimination. The approach is piecemeal as opposed to one rule. But, that doesn’t mean there is no protection, you just have to look a little deeper.

State Differences

It should be noted that because there is no state law about discrimination, which means each part of Australia gets to choose its own policy regarding discrimination. In some parts discrimination on the grounds of religion is illegal. In others, it is tolerated and you’ll need additional proof regarding ethnic origin to help protect yourself and others from discrimination.

You’ll need to check with your local state regarding what the laws are and how they can be enforced when necessary. It’s worth knowing what the current legal standing is as this makes it easy to comply or know when you are being discriminated against.

Ethnic Origin

One of the most prominent pieces of legislation in this is the assessment of ethnic origin. This states that discrimination against ethnic origin is illegal. This rule is unlikely to help Christians although, as a majority group, discrimination is already a less-likely concept.

However, many minor religions can be characterised by certain locations in the world. This means that people can be discriminated against because of their religion. But, when this religion is specifically linked to a certain ethnic origin, the discrimination can be ruled as ethnic-based and be shown as illegal.

Most Common Causes of Religious Discrimination

It can be difficult to know what religion most people are in. After all, you don’t wear it tattoed on your body. But, many religions do have symbols, such as specific necklaces or head coverings. These make it more obvious what religion you are. It can encourage people to discriminate against you but it can also help you to make a case regarding discrimination.

It’s easier if your employer provides a reason for certain actions. For example, not being allowed to serve customers in your job simply because of something you wear as part of your religious beliefs.

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