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Why purchasing Huawei watches can give comfortable to you?

It looks astounding and the most significant is that it’s not just with regards to the amazing plan that propels the clients to buy the watch yet huawei are setting another norm for brilliant watches and the huawei watch 3 is the required overhaul we as a whole needed to see.

One of the main places that have shown you the first watch inside and out and throughout the previous a year the series have turned into the most famous savvy watches by huawei albeit the original was more similar to a wellness tracker with gps and a smartwatch standpoint dispatched at the cost of around 220 dollars or euro it is around 40 bucks more costly than the archetype and we will see the specs to sort out whether this value knock is very much supported for the clients to buy the watch.

Size Variants

There are two variations of the size with 42 millimeter and 46 millimeter dial and I’ve been testing the larger edition which has the beautiful 1.39 inches amoled screen straight to the unboxing and the tech specs everything is again delivered in a very elegant way before I go any further need to underline that I’m not affiliated by huawei in any way and this is honest and unbiased review based on around two weeks of wearing. Well with special case for two Occasions where I’ve charged it. It is impossible to miss that huawei kept on supporting their incredible metal development and as I would see it currently looks far superior and feels good. The size and thickness of the dial isn’t too enormous yet not minuscule either.


The watch weighs only 41 grams with stainless steel frame and ceramic back maintains the 50 meter water resistant despite the implementation of a microphone and a speaker the computing power has also grown using now the Kirin A1 chipset 2 gigabytes ram 4 gigabyte storage and out of that user accessible are 2.2 gigabytes space that you can utilize for music and at average bitrate it can store around 500 tracks this is the best feature to buy the watch for sportsman’s and it can also connect to a Bluetooth headset and play music.

Cool Features

The new 3-bit noise-cancelling headphones and done if right now you’re wondering about the following scenario the watch running gps tracking wireless headphones or butts oh yeah totally of course battery life will be limited and the battery will be able to last for only a few hours but any smart watch will consume a lot of juice facing these conditions furthermore having such a good grade of hardware makes me think that huawei may further develop additional features and release them as software updates.

Concluding Remarks

it will recommend you to buy the watch when I’m not testing any other wearable devices and maybe the watch to compete with if someone wants to make a competitive smart device it’s been a great feeling to present you the huawei watch 3 in case of questions or should you wish to share your opinion would love to keep in touch in the comments below to get the best deal about it. Thanks a lot for supporting me and looking forward to see you in future posts.

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