12 Incredible Benefits of Employee Onboarding Software

According to research, top-level employee onboarding makes sure 69% of a company’s employees stay with a company for three years.

Employee onboarding is like a launch for an astronaut.

It’s the first step to creating a happy, healthy team member who stays with your company for years or even decades.

You need that for maximum ROI, right?

So what are some benefits of utilizing employee onboarding software when you hire new employees? We’ve got twelve reasons why this kind of program will benefit both you and your future stars.

1.  Easier Communication

Do you have ever tried to install something on your computer without instructions? If so, did it go smoothly? No! Things never do if there aren’t easy-to-follow directions.

There are too many little steps to remember and no one wants to be the bad guy who holds up the line because they can’t get their computer working properly.

That’s what happens every time you hire a new employee. Sure, it might look like they know everything about their jobs, but there are often hidden land mines that a less-than-talented professional will stumble across.

Employee onboarding software makes sure that your employees have a manual for success right from the start. Look here for more information.

2. Simplify Resumes

Everyone knows how hard resumes are to read. Do you really need three paragraphs of text describing someone’s job as a janitor? No! You just want to see how much experience they have and where they went to school.

With employee onboarding software, you can condense that process into just a few clicks.

This makes it much easier for you to see if they’re the right fit for your business and cuts down on all of those unnecessary details that take up so much time during hiring.

Employee onboarding software also helps you find experienced talent, which is one of the hardest things to do when hiring someone new.

Sure, they say that they’re good at what they do, but are they really worth your time?

With employee onboarding software, you can quickly find out! Just enter their job title and you’ll know all about the education, previous employers, skills, and more that are needed for someone to be a true asset to your business.

3. Create an Efficient Table of Contents

We are living in an age of information overload. Everyone knows this! So what do experts say about how to manage it?

They all agree that things need their own bookmarks or “table of contents” to make sure you know where everything is quickly and easily.

That’s why your new employees should have their very own table of contents with your onboarding software. It’ll make sure they know where to go and how things work quickly. That reduces mistakes and increases productivity!

4.  Save Money

One of the most important benefits of employee onboarding software is that it actually saves you money. You need your new hires to be as successful as possible, right?

If they’re overwhelmed because their first few days were a disaster, then you could lose them really fast.

With employee onboarding software, you can train your people and still save time and money at the same time. That’s why we say this kind of program is the best way to increase productivity without burning through your budget.

5. Improve Communication

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a time machine? If so, it’s most likely because you look back and see all of the mistakes your employees have made.

It didn’t have to be that way if they would’ve communicated more clearly.

With employee onboarding software, you can make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what’s expected of them from day one. This is important for reducing wasted time and money as well!

6. Show Employees How They’re Rewarded

Do your employees work hard? Sure! You expect that out of every person on your payroll. But do they know exactly how they’re rewarded for their efforts? Many times they don’t.

Even though you might not think about this often, your employees are constantly watching how you handle things.

When they see that you’re putting in the effort to reward them for their performance, it encourages them to try harder in the future. That’s what employee onboarding software can do when you use it properly!

7.  Train Employees For Success

Are your employees always looking over their shoulders? If so, something is wrong with your company culture or there might be some kind of insecurity issue going on. Everyone needs to know exactly what’s expected of them when they’re hired.

With employee onboarding software, everyone gets a manual for success that tells them how everything works right from the start.

You’ll set clear expectations and show people how your rewards program works. That means everyone will be focused on the same goal!

8. Increase Retention Rates

It’s pretty common knowledge that people are increasingly expecting more from their employers. They don’t want to feel like they’re stuck in dead-end jobs anymore.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure your employees are engaged and happy with their work.

One of the best ways to keep them loyal is through employee onboarding software that tells your workers how everything works before they step foot in the door for the first time.

With this kind of training, you can reduce turnover rates and improve retention!

9. Promote Teamwork

You already know what when you hire people who know how to work together, it makes your life easier.

With this kind of training, you can promote corporate teamwork and show employees how they fit into the big picture. That means they know exactly what’s expected of them, so everyone is working toward the same goal!

And when your team is working together efficiently and hitting peak performance, it means your customers are going to be satisfied.

One of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction is by making sure your employees know how they’re rewarded for great work.

That’s why many employers are now using employee onboarding software, because it helps their workers fit into the big picture right off the bat!

The only way to make that happen is through an employee handbook that tells them everything they need to know before they start, including what kind of rewards await them when they do a great job.

When your employees understand their roles in the business, you can see better results from everyone involved!

10. Get New Employees Excited To Work For You

There’s nothing more exciting than starting a new job that you know is going to change your life for the better. You just need to make sure that excitement brings out your best every day!

By using employee onboarding software, you’ll be able to teach people about all of the great benefits available with your organization right from the start.

This will help get their engines running and keep them excited about their career. It’s also great at keeping employees engaged.

Employee engagement is a huge part of maintaining a productive and healthy workforce. That’s why it’s so important to implement new systems and train everyone as quickly as possible.

As soon as you start using employee onboarding software, you can create your own custom training programs that include the information people need to excel at their new jobs!

This saves both time and money while helping workers become better assets for your organization.

11. Streamline Your Onboarding Process

Did you know that it costs more to find employees than it does to train them? If you’re not using an employee onboarding software, then the odds are pretty good that this is still happening in your company.

A single mistake can cost money and time, but no one has to make those kinds of mistakes when they use this kind of program.

You’ll be able to get all of your employees up-to-speed with the same training material. That means they’ll learn more efficiently, which will save you both money and time!

12. Keep Track Of Important Documents

There’s a good chance that your employees have access to information that keeps your company afloat. That means they’ll need the proper security clearance and credentials in order to do their jobs properly.

When you use employee onboarding software, you can guarantee those documents will be handled responsibly because it tells them exactly what they’re allowed to do with each credential!

Learn More About Onboarding Software

We know that hiring new employees is a daunting task. One of the best ways to make sure your new hires are ready for success is by using an employee onboarding software program.

The benefits of such a system include saving time, reducing costs and customer complaints, increasing productivity by up to 30%, and ensuring consistent training across all employees.

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