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20 Easy To Use Tools for Freelance Web Developers

Each developer faces a number of challenges. His responsibilities do not end with the creation of a web product. He also needs to improve the performance of the site, improve the code, and many other goals in order to achieve perfection.

Despite the fact that the work of a developer of mobile and computer programs today is one of the most demanded, prestigious and highly paid, it is one of the most difficult and stressful professions. The manager demands a lot from the programmer. Every day he is entrusted with a lot of tasks that need to be completed in a minimum amount of time, as well as being accountable for each stage to his superiors.

If you decide to hire net developers, then you should make sure that he possesses not only the necessary knowledge and skills to do his job, but also the most effective and useful tools that increase productivity and simplify it, as well as minimize the time it takes to complete it.

Review of TOP 20 tools for freelance web developer

A workflow, even if loaded with a bunch of tasks and projects, can be enjoyable and efficient. To do this, you just need to introduce useful tools into the process, the best of which for 2021-22 are the following:

  1. Application for online editing, monitoring and debugging directly in the browser HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  2. HTML Entity Character Lookup. A program for checking all characters on a page. Helps save developer time by performing routine work automatically and very quickly.
  3. Adobe Edge Inspect. The software is an alternative to Flash and is intended for developers of mobile applications. With its help, you can develop responsive and mobile applications, as well as content that are used on modern PCs and mobile gadgets.
  4. -prefix-free. The tool is designed to use CSS without prefixes. The latter are added to the code of the current browser only when necessary.
  5. Cloud9 IDE. A service for communicating developers around the world and collaborating on the same code. Used when working on large-scale projects, when “one head is good, but two – are even better.”
  6. The tool is used to create graphic elements of the site. It helps when work needs to be done very quickly. With it, you can easily create different images, icons and buttons.
  7. This is a program that is designed to quickly generate code for an adaptive project. Working with the tool is flexible and convenient.
  8. It is a tool that helps you create web font icons. The developer only needs to select the necessary icons, and the program itself structures them into a specific web font.
  9. Cloud Comp. The application was created to help the programmer share the contents of his desktop and the applications he created with the world.
  10. This is a special font that is used to represent demo layouts.
  11. One of the best project management apps. With its help, you can easily establish teamwork, coordinate tasks for each of its members.
  12. Browser Shots. This is a unique tool through which it is possible to see how the web portal is displayed on different browsers in the form of collected images.
  13. FavIcon Generator. This is a browser icon. It looks like a small picture – only 16 by 16 pixels. It can be seen in the tab bar or in the browser bookmark. Used to create a favicon for a site.
  14. Web-developer toolbar. A function by which a panel with important tools is added to the browser.
  15. Load Impact. It helps to test site performance.
  16. Lorem Ipsum Generator. It adds a link to the site, thereby automatically displaying information about it.
  17. W3c Markup Validation Service. A tool that will check documents to see if they meet specifications.
  18. This is the checking of fonts.
  19. This tool will estimate the performance of the web portal.
  20. CSS Sprite Generator. This tool will help improve the performance of your site.

To get a quality web product, you can hire web app developers with experience who are familiar with the above tools and have skills in working with them.

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