4 Movies Featuring Baccarat

With our hands and fingers, we can barely count how long Baccarat has been worldwide. Yet it still is an enigma – this fact should be celebrated. To others, it presents the thrill of the rush and winning streaks alongside the peak casino experience. For others, however, it’s a different kind of story.

To someone from afar, it could be more doesn’t straightforward. The truth is, it’s easier than you would expect. It is also relatively fast-paced, too!

We will discuss iconic movies that feature the iconic game. Ready to view Baccarat from the world of a moviegoer? Bring out the popcorn! Here they are:

Casino Royale, 1967 and 2006

Plenty of the inspiration for James Bond came from Ian Fleming’s experiences. His future spy movies came from the material he observed that players did from local casinos. The game of Baccarat is a constant presence in many of his films, ranging from GoldenEye, Thunderball, For Your Eyes Only, Baccarat1958 Dr. No, and James Bond. Even James Bond himself, 007, was quite fond of Baccarat.

The original novel Agent 007 and the 1967 version of Casino Royale feature Baccarat. In the novel, it is the game that James Bond plays. The movie bought in $167.4 million at the box office. It is also the same game where he meets the woman who captured his heart: Vesper Lynd, who would eventually betray him.

Some people say that in art, we should apply the theory of the author’s death. The Death of The Author is a literary theory where we do not interpret the text or piece of media with consideration towards the author. Instead, the text transcends the author and their intention.

With Baccarat and James Bond, we think it’s not applicable! Fleming was fond of casinos and gambling, so we shouldn’t be surprised this trait was later embedded in one of his most beloved characters. His vision helped mold James Bond into one of the most iconic characters in Hollywood: timeless, sophisticated, and sleek.

Thankfully, unlike the likes of Bond, the wonders of technology make it easier to enjoy the game. Nowadays, you can directly go to an online casino. Play there, or whatever you want.

A Hard Day’s Night

Post-war America’s musical movements unquestioningly brought over Beatlemania. Money and box office attendee grosses came to a massive peak. In 1964, Richard Lester brought to life A Hard Day’s Night, which follows a day in the life of the Beatles. There, Baccarat is almost a character.

There, actor Wilfred Brambell calls Bingo instead of Banco as he enjoys himself at a high-class facility. He should use “Banco,” but his French usage is imperative because of the fluency of the personnel in the language.

GoldenEye, 1995

In this 1995 Bond flick, dashing Irish actor Pierce Brosnan takes on 007’s mantle. The sexy spy still has a love affair with Baccarat. There, he sways the Russian assassin Xenia Onatopp to become more comfortable around him. Through the game of Baccarat, he bonds with his enemy, Onatopp. In the process, she also begins to let her country down. The film is an action-packed flick that can keep people on the edge of their seats.

Rush Hour 3, 2007

Jackie Chan is noted to be a Baccarat fan himself. Rush Hour III is where he has picked his passion up. There, he plays a cop with Chris Tucker. In one scene, Chris Tucker tries to charm a woman while playing the game, even if he does not know the game mechanics. Three kings is the first hand dealt to him, and he believes it is a victory. However, in reality, it is a loss.

Wrapping Up

Baccarat is an underrated staple in films. We’ve showcased some of the movies that feature this wondrous game. We hope that future films will also feature the enigmatic game!

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