Promoting casinos in social networks

In recent years, social media advertising has become a recognized marketing tool for companies, brands, and online venues. No wonder, since social media is an integral part of many people’s daily lives and has a correspondingly large reach. In addition, social advertising offers advertisers many opportunities that other advertising platforms don’t – for example, in terms of reaching out to a target group or evaluating advertising campaigns. In addition, it is a good opportunity to immediately get SharpGambler, because such a player is ready to enjoy the game, immediately after clicking on the link, he is interested in bonuses and the opportunity to earn.

PR in social networks has long been part of the advertising portfolio of large corporations and the casino industry is no exception.

Stages of casino promotion in social networks

To begin with, casino promotion is divided into two important stages: pre-release and post-release. Many creators start marketing even before the launch. For some, this is dictated by unclear timelines for development, some elementary lack of hands or resources. In any case, it’s not always possible to do everything “by the book. This can happen too, and there are always backups for such teams.

For casinos, it is considered optimal to start an advertising campaign 2-3 months before the opening of the platform and actively promote it for 2-3 months after the start. After that, marketing gradually becomes supportive, the number of new players will decrease, referrals, complaints will also decrease.

Promotion before the casino release

Uploading basic information about the casino: name, description, release date, first trailer. As the group develops, other key information is added: for example, some screencasts or supporting trailers, beta launch date, previews.

Sets of game assets and descriptions are created and published. Such a pool of data allows interested users to share information easily, and channels and journalists to find good quality material about the casino.

Next, the casino comes up with an attractive headline, avatar and description of the website itself. It’s important for the site not only to grab the attention of users, but also to optimize the page for easy retrieval. The casino strives to make sure that their platform can be found by popular keywords. By the way, the description of the site is also used by part of the social networks for optimization.

The company fills out the card, gives technical support contacts and indicate it all in promotional posts, so that users understand that they go to a reliable and safe site.

Direct links to the application and accompanying resources (a page in social networks, a landing page, reviews and mentions) are also added.

Sometimes the site decides to spell out in advance the basic rules of the game and community: what can and cannot be done, what rewards await players and subscribers; how quickly withdrawal is made, how much can be won in this or that game, and other data. Sometimes there is even a legal information to make interested players understand that the casino is licensed and there are no risks.

Promotion after the creation and publication of information about the casino

In the first days of the site’s PR, the casino user expects an instant response from the platform. And that’s when the creators get a bunch of messages and visitors in general. Even if they have a separate element of the site to support users, players still write on social media. So casinos should be prepared for the fact that they will need to moderate social media on a regular basis.

But nevertheless, it’s the users and the feedback they write that will predetermine a lot for the site in the future. For example, if users rate a casino at 7 out of 10 and someone appears who wants to praise the site, he’s likely to put 8, and someone who decides to write a hurtful review, will put 5 or 6.
These very reviews decide how the casino will do next when it launches an advertisement, as many players who have tried the game after the first publication are likely to leave comments on subsequent ones.

Casinos will often come up with regular columns that help the platform keep players engaged. These headings include news of the in-game world and casino, giving situational content, updating tutorials, describing updates, promotions and contests, posts about the largest cash prizes won by players, giving information about bonuses and new games.

Found and ways to encourage players and clearly outlined how you can earn in-game bonuses, or additional prizes in the casino itself. Participants of such activations can become loyal fans of the site. In this case, the site can always offer them an additional game or contest, the essence of which will be the dissemination of content about the games.

Another tool can be advertising events combined with promotions: for example, the casino can tell players that every Tuesday in the institutions or online casinos give players a lot of free spins for depositing. Land-based casinos may entice users with free alcohol or free games. That is, it turns out that sometimes it is enough for the casino to start a PR campaign without affecting the main key – games. That is, players will come for free alcohol, and at the same time get the games that can entice them.

Platforms often use Facebook for promotion, because this social network is very rich in traffic.


There are a lot of ways to promote casinos on social media, as it’s a great way to attract players and correspondingly get more funding, so casinos will never pass up this relatively inexpensive opportunity to expand their platforms and increase their own budget.

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