5 Health Benefits Of A Massage Gun Therapy

With self-care becoming more in-demand, you’ll see fitness influencers on Instagram using massage guns day and night, raving about how relaxing they can be.

However, are these recovery tools really as effective as they seem? Or are they just another fitness fad? Let’s explore the science-backed health benefits of using massage guns as you read on.

5 Health Benefits You Can Gain From Using Massage Guns

1.   Gets Rid of Muscle Fatigue and Tension

Massage guns work with percussive therapy, a deep-tissue type of massage that targets deep into the tissue. It can release painful muscle knots and smooth out the stiffness in your limbs.

According to a 2005 study, massage gun therapy can reduce DOMS, or delayed muscle-onset soreness, by 30%. It also banishes the pain, tension, and swelling in your muscles after strenuous activity.

2.   Relieves Chronic Pains like Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Massage guns aren’t only for pro athletes. In a 2013 study, researchers found that massage guns can lessen persistent pain for two months or more. It’s medically safe to use for patients with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and sciatica.

3.   Speeds Up Your Recovery from Physical Injuries

If you’re resting up from a severe physical injury, check with your physician and see if you can include a massage gun in your recovery kit.

When consistently used, a muscle massage gun can break down scar tissue. It also promotes blood circulation and may lower blood pressure, according to a 2017 study. The more blood circulating through your veins, the faster you can bounce back to daily life.

4.   Levels Up Your Athletic Performance

Don’t forget; there’s a good reason why you’d see athletes like Lebron James with a massage gun before the game. And that’s because they actually work in warming up your muscles.

Researchers found in various studies that massage gun therapy does improve athletic performance. It can significantly level up your range of motion, flexibility, and muscle strength.

Also, using a massage gun is just as effective as traditional massage, without the hassle of going out and booking an appointment. If you’re looking for one, stick around by the end of this article. We have a top-notch massage gun recommendation for you!

5.   Helps You Sleep Better

At times, muscle pains can last for too long, to the point that you can’t sleep it off. You end up trying to massage yourself without satisfactory results.

If you don’t want this scenario to happen, get yourself a muscle massage gun. Why? It’s because a study back in 2020 revealed that massage gun therapy improves sleep quality.

The device can help you sleep faster than before. Participants in the study also reported that they slept with fewer disruptions and awakenings.

Make Your Everyday Life Better with Massage Gun Therapy

The bottom line is, massage guns aren’t just a fitness fad. These portable recovery tools are backed by science and are here to stay.

Aside from helping you wind down after a long day, using a massage gun provides many unexpected health benefits. It aids with your recovery, cardiovascular health, and the way you deal with stress.

In short, massage guns can improve the overall quality of your life. They’re not just a luxury for the pro athletes. Instead, these massagers work as a solution to your stress and pains.

If you’re looking for one, here’s a top recommendation for you: the HYDRAGUN. As hailed by Forbes, it’s the quietest massage gun of the year, giving the most relaxing experience you deserve.

Try the HYDRAGUN now so you can make your life better with every at-home massage.

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