5 Professions that Require You to Have CPR and First Aid Certifications

There are many different professions today that present great risks to one’s health. Therefore, receiving training on CPR and first aid is both a required and responsible choice in most professions. Employers are looking for ways to implement better workplace safety measures, and among them is ensuring the workers have life-saving knowledge.

Here are five professions that agree CPR and first aid certification is a must-have.

Construction worker

Construction workers have many tasks involving machinery and moving around incomplete buildings during the construction process. This profession has physically demanding conditions that create a high-risk environment and increase the susceptibility of workers to accidents. CPR and first aid training will help in giving support to fellow employees in the event of an accident while at work.

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Child care provider

Children have an increased risk of choking from food or objects they pick up as they play. As a child care provider, you are responsible for the child’s life while they are in your care. Having CPR and first aid training to save a child’s life is crucial as the support to give differs from that required by an adult. You should get the right training from online CPR and First aid training programs that are specific for saving a child’s life. Pediatric CPR classes from the American CPR Care Association teach you the basics of CPR and first aid, as well as how to recognize when a child needs emergency help. Online courses provide full access to videos, emergency scenarios, and practice tests, allowing you to learn at your own pace. With this training, you can potentially save a life.

The understanding that child safety is a priority should be emphasized through health-care training to ensure they are safe. Children love exploring, and they often cannot distinguish what is unsafe and what is safe. Knowing how to perform CPR and first aid serves as a crucial intervention for any accidents.

If a child suddenly falls ill and the teacher is unaware of how to provide the support needed, they may end up in a more severe state before getting professional help from medical personnel.

Flight attendant

Flight attendants meet with people of different ages and health conditions. If you are a flight attendant, you are possibly the only staff that can offer the needed medical care and support when a medical emergency arises while on a flight.

CPR and first aid training is a requirement as it helps save lives and provide care to casualties in the airport or on a flight before they can get access to professional medical care.


Lifeguards have a responsibility for the lives of all people visiting the beach and swimming pools. It is a requirement that they have training in CPR and first aid to help deal with emergencies that may occur in and outside the water. Lifeguards should be confident and skilled in performing CPR for both children and adults in the event of a drowning.


Firemen focus on saving lives and promoting safety and public health. Therefore, having CPR and first aid training is a necessity. If you are thinking of getting a job as a fireman, consider getting your online CPR and first aid certification as soon as possible.


CPR and first aid training are important in the medical as well as other professions to ensure increased employee survival rates when working in risky environments. If you are thinking about working in the above professions, you should start planning on how to get your certification soon.

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