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7 Effective Ways To Eliminate Bathroom Odor

The bathroom is often one of the areas in your house that has a distinctively unpleasant odor. This is a natural thing, considering that the bathroom is where we cleanse our body from all impurities. Moreover, the bathroom area is usually damp, thus very susceptible to bacteria or even mold growing if you do not pay extra attention to it.

It might not be as easy to maintain the cleanliness of your toilet, especially if you have kids –it can be even more challenging to keep your bathroom fresh and clean. At the very least you should clean your bathroom once a week if you have a household full of family members. 

Doing cleaning every week might be too much for you, especially if all of your days are filled with tight schedules and during the weekend – you just want to rest. If this is the case, then it might be useful if you hire a part time maid to help with all of your house cleaning matters.

But if you want to get rid of a bad odor from your bathroom, or want to prevent it from happening, you can follow these easy tips below.

Clean the bathroom regularly

Just like dust and dirt, scents tend to build up over time. You can prevent bad odors from your bathroom by scrubbing the toilet bowls regularly. You need to also wipe the floors and sinks to remove accumulated hair and fluff.

Natural cleaner for your bathroom

Store-bought cleaners always advertise their product as the most effective chemical to kill odor-causing bacteria. Though this can be useful, remember that using too many of these chemicals is also not good for you and your family member’s health, especially for the respiratory system.

What you can do is instead make a solution of a natural cleaner that is as effective as the store-bought cleaner. You can create it by mixing baking soda, citric acid, and your favorite essential oil together. Baking soda will remove bad odors, citric acid is an excellent antimicrobial, and essential oils as an addition will give a pleasant aroma to your cleaning solution. It’s a perfect combination! To use this natural cleanser, you just need to pour the solution into the area which you want to clean and brush.

Clean the toilet seat and bowl

Your bathroom might smell like urine because your kids do not properly clean after themselves. No worries, you can get rid of this smell by only using simple equipment and techniques. If you notice the smell is like urine, then you need to properly clean your toilet seat and bowl. Clean this area by brushing it with soap to get rid of the stain and unpleasant smells.

Use vinegar

Never underestimate this natural ingredient, because it has lots of usage. One of the benefits that you can get from the vinegar is to create this as a natural cleaning solution, that has no negative effects even if you use it daily. What you can do is simply remove the toilet lid and pour some vinegar into your toilet bowl. Flush the toilet several times to get all the vinegar in. Utilizing vinegar will also help reduce or even eliminate the smell in your bathroom.

Make your air freshener

Many air fresheners contain dangerous chemicals such as phthalates and other toxic compounds. This is not good for your health if you use it every day. The chemical might seep into your towel or worse toothbrush.

Instead of using an air freshener that is made from chemicals, you can make your own air freshener by mixing 3/4 cup water, two tablespoons alcohol, and five to six drops of essential oil such as orange, jasmine, and mint, mix all of this in a spray bottle, and you have your own natural air freshener.

Put essential oil in your paper roll

Essential oils are a 100% natural solution that produces a calming soft aroma and creates an atmosphere that makes your heart happy. It also is known to have many amazing benefits for many things, especially for your health. Incorporating essential oils is also very easy, you can even use them for cleaning. A little trick that you can do to maintain a good scent inside your bathroom is by putting a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the inside of a toilet paper roll. Do this every time you are about to change the paper roll and guarantee this simple trick will help to spread the amazing scent throughout your toilet.

Natural fragrance cube

You can do a simple DIY to create a natural fragrance cube, you will only need very little water, baking soda, and essential oils to create it. Mix everything until it turns into a paste mixture, put it in a jar or ice cube tray, and let it sit until it hardens. You can put this natural deodorizing jar in the corner of your bathroom to get rid of bad smells emanating from your toilet. You can also place this on any areas in your house which have an unpleasant smell.

Here are some ways that you can do to help you get rid of bad odors in your bathroom. Having your bathroom smells wonderful is every homeowner’s wish, and you can simply do these tips to achieve that!

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