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Essential Steps To Take When A Pipe Bursts At Home

Water pipes run through your home. It is normal for the main supply to enter downstairs and then the pipes rise, often through your walls. This ensures you have running water in your bathrooms and kitchen. Equally, in most cases, the pipes are not seen, although exposed plumbing is becoming more popular.

In most cases, the system works fine. But, pipes can burst. The most common causes are because they are old or because they have frozen. Freezing the water inside a pipe causes it to expand and it can cause the pipe to rupture.

If you experience a burst pipe you’ll need to contact a reputable plumber Sydney. Even if you stop the leak yourself, you will need their assistance with repairing or replacing the pipe. They will also check the rest of your system to help verify whether other pipes are likely to explode.

Here’s the most essential steps to take when faced with a burst pipe at home.

Turn Off The Water

The first step must be to turn off the water valve. You’ll need to know where your valves are. In some cases, the only option is to shut off all the water to the property. In other instances, you may be able to simply shut the supply off to a dedicated part of the system. It all depends on how many valves were fitted with the system. After that, it is important to call a plumbing expert from https://www.cullenplumbingandheating.com/ immediately to solve the problem quickly.

Shut Off the Power

Water and electricity do not mix well. In fact, water is excellent at conducting electricity. That means if the leaking water comes into contact with electricity it can charge all the water. In short, you could get a nasty electric shock just by touching the water.

It‘s safest to shut off the water supply.

Turn On Your Faucets

Now that you have limited the amount of water that can leave the leaking pipe, you’ll want to limit it further. Go around the house and turn on every faucet. This will drain water from the system. Because the only water that can leak is that which is already in the system, turning on the faucets will help to reduce the amount of water that will end up on your floor.

Your hot water heater will be off if it is electric. But, if it’s gas, make sure you turn it off now to prevent any damage to it.

Take Pictures

While you are waiting for the plumber to arrive and before you start clearing up, you should take as many pictures as possible of the damage caused by the water. This will be useful when making an insurance claim.

This isn’t something most people think about. However, drying the damaged area and replacing all the furnishings can be an expensive job. You’ll need to claim on your insurance to get the necessary funds to repair your home.

Don’t forget, burst pipes happen because of old age or freezing conditions. Have your system checked by a professional and then make sure all the pipes are well insulated.

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