A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

Young adulthood is usually the age of exploration; it is a time where people operate by creativity and the extent of thrill it offers. Doctors and researchers alike have highlighted that this is an age when young adults will explore smoking, drinking, dating, and other ‘adult’ like things. Meanwhile, with more and more people talking about the ill effects of tobacco smoking, alternatives have made headlines. For instance, E-cigarettes or vapes like Geek Vapes are occupying the front row in the smoking experience, as over 500,000 Aussie vapers exist as of today. On the bright side, they have contributed to the reduction of nicotine addiction and “quit smoking” ventures.

What Is Vaping?

It is the process of inhaling vapour created by a vaping device or a hookah. It is also known as an e-cigarette as a vaping machine is essentially an electronic device that simulates the experience of tobacco smoking. This is done by electronically creating vapour using an atomiser and batteries.

That being said, about 20% of Aussie vapers are teenagers and young adults between the age of 17 – 22. Due to such extensive use, different types of vapes have been introduced in the market. Also, if you need vaping equipment or e-cigarette to feel the best vaping experience look for the e-cigarette wholesale for the best deal.

Vape Brands

There are several vape brands in the Australian market, and recently Geek vapes have been forerunners in this field. There are many types of kits offered by these vaping brands, and some of which are:

Starter Kits: These are self-explanatory, as starter kits are for beginners who are just getting into vaping. Called Aegis x Zeus kits, these come with a battery and a mod with an output wattage of up to 200W.

Pod Kits: Pod kits are much more slender vaping devices shaped like pods, and these are often refillable and have longer battery life. Called Wenax, they have a great draw and come in different colours to match your vibe.

Regulated Mods: These vaping devices come with a single mod that does not require replacement. They are also powered by a singular battery 18650/21700 with an output wattage of 100W.

Dry Herb Kits: These are essentially special kits that focus on the mixture that is burnt by the atomiser to give you the vapour. And dry herbs might refer to dry tobacco with suitable flavourings.

Disposable Pod Devices: These are very similar to pod kits, and they come with a single battery. But unlike normal pods, these are not refillable, and they’re much cheaper so that you can dispose of them once their wattage or drag power is significantly reduced.

What Is a Vaping Mixture?

These e-cigarettes are safer than normal cigarettes, but they still carry a tinge of hazard with them. The mixture that the vape coils heat up contains nicotine mixed with other chemicals and flavours like green apple, wood, fruits, sour candy, etc., to match your taste buds. In essence, it tries to get rid of the bitter aftertaste that a normal cigarette smoking experience provides by introducing flavourings.

Why Geek Vapes?

They have been heralded as pioneers in the field of vaping devices and hookahs. Previously, they were limited to expert usage, but now, they have entered the beginners market as well.

So the reasons why this brand is ideal are:

  • They are priced competitively, starting from $50 to $100 and above.
  • They are shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof, meaning they are much more durable than other products.
  • They are sturdy and made with zinc alloys for better conduction. The generous surface area also prevents overhang issues.
  • Like no other, an Aegis vaping device can operate with four different types of batteries that you can input manually.
  • They have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
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