A Complete Guide to Practice Fusion EMR Software

Practice Fusion is a free web-based electronic health record widely used in the medical sector, particularly by smaller, cost-conscious medical practices. Dr. Oz recommends the software, and it is widely recognized as one of the best free EMR systems available. Practice Fusion aids in completing various activities such as charting, scheduling, invoicing, and documentation, and many users claim that its functionality is equal to that of more expensive EMR systems. You can use the software on the move with your iPad or tablet because the system is built for touchscreens. However, you can also use it on a desktop computer according to your preference.

Practice Fusion is a respected and established company utilized by over 112,000 medical professionals and has earned over $150 million in venture capital financing. Furthermore, with over 200 workers, the company has the human resources to keep up with any future regulatory changes.

Practice Fusion EMR Products and Features

Physicians and patients equally can benefit from the company’s goods and services.

Practice Fusion: Practice Fusion is the free EHR software offered by the business. The features that the software includes are:

  • E-Prescribing: allows providers to transmit e-prescriptions straight from the patient’s chart;
  • Medical Billing: Enables clinicians to check insurance eligibility electronically and produce “superbills” that are itemized documents that include patient information, services provided, and insurance information following the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision (ICD-10);
  • Medical Charting: Offers customized medical charting templates, allows patients to fill out intake forms electronically, and allows clinicians to submit a patient’s chart to any U.S. provider electronically.
  • Labs and Imaging: Providers may submit lab and imaging requests from a patient’s chart and receive results directly in the chart.
  • Meaningful Use: enables providers to track meaningful use progress and certify that they meet meaningful use standards to be eligible for rewards.

Patient Fusion: Patient Fusion is a web-based personal health record and appointment scheduling service that is free. Patients may fill out their intake paperwork, check-in, and schedule appointments all online.

Practice Fusion EMR Cost

Practice Fusion generated money by presenting relevant pharmaceutical advertising to users since it provided its EHR software to healthcare professionals for free. On the other hand, Google earned more than half of the ad income by providing customized advertising depending on the patients’ symptoms. In addition, a $250 per seat per month alternative was available for physicians who did not wish to engage in the ad-supported model.

Practice Fusion EMR Reviews

Let’s take a look at what Practice Fusion EMR user reviews have to say about the software:


One of Practice Fusion’s strengths as an EHR is charting. The medical history and previous diagnoses of each patient are recorded in their chart.

Users may develop custom templates in Practice Fusion, which helps to speed up the documentation process. For each sort of test, each template can give a list of standard information to include. This is useful for standardizing each exam and ensuring that you don’t forget anything from your notes. You can, for example, design a General Wellness Check template that includes a list of questions that should be answered throughout every wellness exam.

Practice Fusion comes with several predefined templates, but users may also upload their own and share them with the Practice Fusion community. There are hundreds of templates accessible since the software is used by over 112,000 medical professionals from diverse medical specialties. You may browse the template library and filter for templates that contain particular phrases or are relevant to a specific specialization if you’re looking for anything specific.


It’s simple to add new patients to Practice Fusion and schedule appointments. The appointment book is beautiful and straightforward to use; after registering with Practice Fusion, you can begin booking appointments in less than 5 minutes.

More advanced scheduling services, such as online appointment booking and automated appointment reminders, are also available. In addition, new patients may locate you online, make appointments, and complete out questionnaires and other paperwork if you register your practice on Patient Fusion. This data will be immediately entered into their patient record.


You may quickly produce superbills with correct ICD-10 codes directly from the patient chart using Practice Fusion. This results in more accurate claims and a higher likelihood of payment. In addition, you can submit your claims online to one of Practice Fusion’s billing partners after they’ve been produced. Many major medical billers, such as Kareo, AdvancedMD, and CollaborateMD, have partnered with Practice Fusion to provide fully integrated billing capabilities.


Practice Fusion includes several predefined reports that can assist you in analyzing your data and better understanding your practice’s performance. For example, you may find out where your referrals are coming from and look for individuals with a particular condition. The default reports that come with Practice Fusion are shown below.

Though Practice Fusion has access to a large dataset useful for data analysis, one of the disadvantages is that it does not allow you to create custom reports. Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to pursue answers to the specific questions that are most important to your practice unless they are already included in the standard reports.

Is Practice Fusion the right software for you?

Practice Fusion is an EHR system that we strongly suggest if you’re looking for one. It’s simple to try out the software; registration and exploring with its features takes only a few minutes. To determine if the software will meet your needs, we propose creating some sample patients and go through the complete process for these patients, from scheduling to charting and invoicing.

Practice Fusion does not presently enable user-generated custom reports; therefore, if you wish to examine your data and produce custom reports, you should look into alternative solutions. If your practice concentrates on a specific specialty, specialty-specific software may be a better fit because it has more capabilities tailored to your requirements. For many people, these drawbacks are outweighed by the fact that it’s free.

Practice Fusion is a no-brainer to try if you’re a smaller, budget-conscious medical practice looking for an EHR system because the software is free and utilized by more than 112,000 medical professionals.

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