Top Nursing Schools for You to Consider

After you ace GAMSAT with the best GAMSAT preparation courses, you’ll be looking for a medical school. Many countries need numerous nurses and doctors to treat people. The USA is among them. To become a life savior, graduates from high schools have many places to enroll at. However, each offers different quality of education. University location plays an important role too. Here you can check the top places to go to obtain a nursing degree.

University of Maryland

In the nice city of Baltimore, you can enroll at the University of Maryland. It is located quite close to Washington DC, which makes it very convenient not only to numerous students but also for future employment. Big cities often have more vacancies. The nursing program here takes two years, but it also requires having introductory courses for two years before. University allows obtaining different specializations too.

Emory University

This private school offers several different options for nursing students. Pupils in high school can get into the BSN program. Sophomores of this university and Oxford students can enroll. Anyone who has at least 60 credits can transfer to a nursing program. Studying part-time and full-time at Emory University leads to obtaining RN certification. Accomplishing nursing writing projects here is much easier, as professors are always glad to help.  It is located in a wonderful Georgia state and beautiful city, Atlanta.

University of Washington

If you are looking for innovative and nursing programs, you should consider visiting Seattle. There you will find the University of Washington, which has an early DNP with accelerated BSN courses. They are very convenient for students who just start learning to nurse and want to save time. University has a traditional bachelor’s nursing degree too, but without a master’s. Meanwhile, students can use various nursing practice programs.

University of California Los Angeles

At every working place, there should be a leader, who can organize others and improve team working. University of California Los Angeles focuses on teaching young nursing students leadership skills. However, you must also have deep knowledge of your subjects. Thus, students select their sub-specialty. With such a combination, you can greatly advance in further career. It has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. If you focus on the doctor of nursing practice, here you can accomplish it within two years.

University of Michigan

For undergraduates, the University of Michigan offers wonderful learning possibilities. It has more than a hundred years of experience in teaching nursing on a bachelor’s academic degree. Nowadays, alumni work all over the world. This medical school offers programs to freshmen and sophomores who wish to transfer. Studying MSN includes practicing at different clinical sites in the region, which greatly boosts your skills.

University of Pennsylvania

To feel the atmosphere of past centuries, you can select to study at one of the oldest USA educational institutions. The University of Pennsylvania has taught students since 1740. Nowadays, it offers BSN, MSN, and DNP programs with personalized education. With the mentorship system, newcomers can join labs and enjoy experimental learning rather than just read theories.

University of Pennsylvania

New York University

Studying in a very international place allows meeting students and people from different countries. New York University is a very popular place among foreigners and multicultural USA citizens. Here you can find a large number of nursing-related specializations after a bachelor’s degree. If you want to graduate faster, consider taking an accelerated BSN course, which is just 15 months.

Johns Hopkins University

Nursing programs are not always just about practicing and treating people at hospitals. Some of them must focus on serious academic researches. If you are curious about innovations and want to participate in various studies, consider Johns Hopkins University. It does not have bachelor’s programs. However, non-nursing students can apply for MSN and later accomplish DNP in different specializations.

Georgetown University

Among educational institutions, private ones can guarantee to obtain decent knowledge and skills. For nursing, Georgetown University is among the popular choices. It is suitable for high schoolers who are interested in medicine. BSN direct entry programs allow getting into university faster. Every student gains experience of over 800 hours of clinical experience across the state. Graduates have the possibility of getting scholarships.

Duke University

One of the most highly rated schools to study nursing is Duke University. It provides an accelerated bachelor’s nursing program for every student. However, first, you must accomplish a non-BSN degree. Studying here takes only 16 months, and you need just 58 credits. If you plan to continue studying, you will enjoy a great variety of master’s and doctor of nursing practice programs.

Duke University

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