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Advantages of the Mongo dB by My Assignment Help Experts

MONGODB- MongoDB is as software to store the raw data in the NoSQL format. it is a NoSQL type of database. It the alternative of relational database, it can store large amount of unstructured data. It stores the data in BSON format which stand for Binary encoding Json format which make the key-value pair for the database. it does not create the table format for the data. It makes the key-value pair of data & stored in the document. which stored in a collection. it stores the data in BSON Format which is nothing but the json format. where we store anything like, string, integer, Boolean, double, binary data, object, array. Get the database assignment help from experts. It makes the documents that collection of the documents consists in the collection. Mongodb works on CRUD operations which means it performs

  • Create operation
  • Read operation
  • Update operation
  • Delete operation


Create operation- Mongo DB perform create operation on the data to create a document into the collection & store the data in the mongo dB. There is a method to perform this task into the mongo dB.

Read Operation- Mongo dB perform read operation on the data to read a document from the collection & find the data in the mongo dB. For performing this task, we will use read operation method.

Update Operation- Mongo dB perform update operation on the data to update the values of the document stored in the collection in the mongo dB. For performing this task, we will use update operation method.

Delete Operation- Mongo dB perform Delete operation on the data to remove the data from the document available in the collection in the mongo dB. For performing this task, we will use delete operation method.

Advantages of the Mongodb

It this era of the technology arises every device is generating data so the data is becoming more larger every second & also the type of data is changed in unstructured format which is very tedious task to convert this unstructured data into structured format. so, for solving this problem we prefer the mongodb which is NoSQL database, which stores the unstructured data into BSON format which can be easily handle. For any database homework help, contact us. So, there are many advantages of the MONGODB database over traditional Relational database.

Advantages of NOSQL Database over traditional SQL Database

  • Traditional SQL Database store the information a schema which is called database by using Tabular method for designing the database. whereas the NOSQL Database is schema-less database. it does not create the schema for storing the information it automatically creates the database when we define the data.


  • Traditional SQL Database use key constraint concepts to join multiple tables. But in the mongodb there is no complex join method to make relationship because in mongodb there is no relationship among data.


  • It stores the data in BSON which is nothing but the Json format. which easily store the array and objects.


  • Its query is simpler than SQL queries.


  • it uses internal memory for storage which make it faster than traditional SQL Database.


  • There is no need to map application objects of database objects in mongodb.


  • It is free to use. We do not have to pay cost for it.


  • It is easy to scale, we can increase the size of the database easily.


  • it is very easy to set-up & manage.


  • It has user friendly design, so that any one can work on it easily.

Document Database- Document database is the bundle of raw data in a semi structured format, in which some raw data is stored in structured format and some in unstructured format. this type of databases is used in short time of data sharing in between multiple systems or applications. It is mostly in data sharing. Get the database system assignment help from the experts. There are different types of documents databases are used like-

  • HTML
  • XML
  • Email
  • CSV and JSON document
  • EDI (electronic data interchange)
  • RDF (Resource Description framework)

Graph Database- Graph database is a bundle of raw data in a graph format. it is the type of the NoSQL database. It uses graph concept to designing the database. It can also convert the data into multiple formats like tabular, Json. It makes the works with their data points connections. It is basically used in analysing & data mining on data. It is also known as the graph-oriented database management system (DBMS). There are different types of graph databases are available like-

  • Neo4j
  • Data stax Enterprise graph
  • Orient DB
  • Amazon Neptune

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