All you need to know about Patana International School in Bangkok

Every parent wants the very best for their offspring, offering the best chance of a successful and happy professional career. They also want their children to grow up to be respected adults who understand and can cope with all the complexities that life may throw up.

A huge step along the way is finding the right educational establishment. It’s not as easy as one thinks, especially if in a foreign land through work, or having decided to change their location. Natives also want the best that they can provide. Any parent who sends their youngsters to Bangkok Patana international school can relax with total peace of mind knowing that they have made an excellent choice.

The school has been operational since 1957 and has earned a glowing reputation since then for very good reasons. Pupils can attend primary school from the age of 2 at the foundation stage and remain at Patana advancing right through secondary school until they reach year 11. They will all enter a world of opportunity where their well-being as well as education is given the highest priority.

They will be doing so surrounded by the very best facilities in an environment that encourages development. The children are provided with protection so that they are always safe and secure. They will quickly become engaged and motivated while being taught the values of honesty and responsibility so that they become kind, compassionate, and respectful becoming fulfilled and balanced young adults when they come to the end of their time at the school. Some parents may have originally found Thailand through Muay Thai training in Phuket.

The education at Patani follows a collaborative approach which creates confident communicators, as students become critical and reflective in their thought process. Those attending soon pick up the ability to be resilient and resourceful as well as skills in creativity. This is added to by the professional handpicked teachers who encourage their pupils to be inquisitive and rigorous in everything they do. The school also provides wonderful life skills for the students to absorb, by being conscientious role models.

The learning centre is also highly committed to integrity and equality by being ethical and informed. They are diverse and inclusive and are proud to be active stewards of their surrounding communities and the environment. All these qualities and values are passed down so everyone who attends can learn from them and become better individuals. Maybe families with pupils at the school can visit a fascinating museum at the weekend.

With GSCE and IB diploma results coming in at 98% and 99%, the level of learning speaks for itself. The learning is aided by having the best facilities available to enjoy extracurricular activities as well as modern spacious classrooms full of amenities that make education interesting and fun.

Any parent looking for the perfect school for their child to be provided with the highest educational standards, as well as having their wellbeing cared for while learning invaluable life skills should seriously consider Patana International School.

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