Self-study tips for senior secondary learners

Senior secondary education is the senior-most phase of schooling for students. From here you come to a step closer to pursuing your higher learning, chasing your dreams, and having a successful future. In senior secondary classes, the academic subjects are quite detailed and complex as compared to what you have learned so far.

Along with effective classroom learning, self-efforts hold more importance. Let us discuss the importance of self-studies. We will also be discussing some effective tips that senior secondary students can follow for better self-studies.

Why are self-studies important for senior secondary learners?

  • Academic subjects are complex and self-efforts are very important.
  • To understand well in the classroom
  • To work on your weaker academic areas and improve.
  • For better participation and interaction in the classroom.
  • To become accountable, and perform your learning duties well.
  • For overall academic growth and development.
  • For effective board exam results.
  • To pursue the desired higher learning courses.

Self-study tips for senior secondary students.

  1. Revise the topics done in the class the same day

Accountability and responsibility are very necessary for every senior secondary student. Only being dependent on the teachers will not be enough. For effective self, studies make sure that you have daily revisions. Make an effective timetable that includes some study time for all subjects respectively. The topics that you cover in the classroom, the same day read and revise them at home. This will help students to understand well, get doubts cleared timely, and ensure effective academic growth.

  1. Always try to a have a gist of a new lesson in advance

As you grow in age and enter senior secondary classes, you become capable enough to pick up a topic, have a read of it and acquire a basic understanding of it. Also, the lessons of senior secondary academic subjects are of a higher level and can only be understood well with the basics cleared.

So all students should try to have a gist of new lessons in advance. Read it, revise the basics linked to it and go to the classes with some preparation. With pre-acquired knowledge, understanding, and participation in the class are improved to a great extent.

  1. Practice questions as much as possible

Along with reading the lessons, learning the theory, practicing the questions and applicative portions are equally important. Practice makes a man perfect and the same applies to senior secondary learning. The more you practice the better you become.

In the live teaching app, teachers have limited time to cover a lot of content, and making students practice every question is not possible. So students should make sure to practice during self-study time. Start with the examples and exercises given in the main coursebooks. After that, you should practice questions from a suitable standard reference guide.

  1. Take additional coaching

Not all students are quick learners. Many students face understanding and comprehension issues. To overcome this problem, students can also plan for additional coaching. After your school hours get over, you can take private Home tuition. As home tutors are expensive, for a cost-effective way, you can join a coaching center. Today with the growing technology, the facility of online tuition is also available.

  1. Use technology to learn

As we know, the academic subjects in senior secondary learning are complex and detailed. Understanding every topic from the textbooks can be difficult for students. To overcome this problem, using technology helps.

By using an online classroom app, students can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Also, these technical tools provide students with a personalized, self-paced, and comfortable learning experience.

  1. Jot down the doubts and ask teachers the next day

During self-study time, facing doubts and queries is common among all students. When facing any doubt, mark it or jot it down somewhere. The next day, ask these doubts from the respective subject teachers. Many students fear asking doubts. They feel that they might be judged or scolded. This is a wrong assumption, as teachers are there to help you only. Feel free and comfortable to ask your teachers and seek a proper academic understanding.


Senior secondary education comprises classes eleventh and twelfth. Here being accountable, and active is very important. To do good in the classroom, and seek a proper academic understanding, self-studies are necessary. By following the above-mentioned tips, all senior secondary students can have effective and valuable self-study experience.

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