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Apple stores in Singapore to buy iPhone

Apple iPhone is among the popular products sold by Apple all over the world. In Singapore, you can find iPhones in various Apple stores. Below are the Apple stores in Singapore.

1.Apple Marina Bay Sands

Among the best Apple stores in Singapore where you can buy an iPhone is the Apple Marina Bay Sands. The store is popular in the entire world, being the first and only Apple store that is surrounded by water. It offers the customers uninterrupted panoramic views of Singapore city and its beautiful skyline. This store brings the best Apple iPhone to the customers, and its iconic locations attract most people. Inside the store, you can find and explore the most curated Apple products and their accessories. The team in the sales department also has enough knowledge of their products and can answer any of your questions regarding the products. In case of any problem, there is a Genius and the rest of the team working in the technical support to offer further directions and the needed help.

2.Apple Jewel Changi Airport

This is the second Apple store that opened in Singapore. The store was opened recently, and it is located at the Jewel Airport, the second level of the mall with more than 100 employees speaking about 11 languages and sign language to serve customers from all over the world. In this store, customers can get more than 200 Apple latest products, including the latest Apple iPhone phones. Also, the team offers technical support and advice and allows the customers to participate in the Apple programs. In this program, you will get daily sessions on video and photography, music, health and fitness, coding and apps and all these free of charge.

Moreover, the Apple stores promote jewellers by offering a unique session that targets jewel customers known as the Magic of Jewel Changi Airport. The people visiting the store can pick a new photography technique on the iPhones they are purchasing, where they can explore all the highlights of the mall. The experts also teach customers tips on editing, various modes of capturing the best photos, and more sessions that are helpful to the customers.

Currently, the store is still operating at limited hours. Nevertheless, it is still the best Apple store to try the new Apple iPhone and get other accessories. The specialists will solve any of your problems and provide answers to all of your questions before you leave the store. The Genius bar is available to provide the needed technical support.

3.Apple Orchard road

This is the first Apple store in Singapore that opened with a long queue of customers who waited to witness the best Apple products. The store highlights its primary role to be a global centre that offers creativity. The design in this store represents the vibrant and innovative spirit of the city. The new flagship that came with the store embodied the theme of the greenest city in the world, which is Singapore. The store contains a large Genius grove globally, which appeals to the aesthetic and stimulates the human senses. It is the best place to shop for your iPhone and other Apple products. The smell, the aural, and the temperature within the store give an oasis of tranquillity in this busy store. It has many Apple products in the world, with a lot of the latest Apple iPhone collections. The experts are available to clear any issues with the customers and have them set up before leaving the store. This store has given Singapore a new name because now the city is a creative hub. The store delivers an experience that connects directly to the people’s passions.

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